Revolution Season 1 Review “Clue” — Whodunnit?

The aptly named ‘Clue’ saw the good guys of Revolution begin to make their way to the tower, but get sidetracked by a murder mystery after some of their party is killed. Who did it? Well all solid clues pointed to Jason, while Nora was acting strangely after being dosed with drugs during her torture by the militia. Turns out it was Jim, Miles’ old friend, who did it because he was upset that Miles destroyed his life by revealing to his wife that he was an old militia colonel.

No, seriously. Shit is falling apart all over the place and this guy was upset because his own massive lie was revealed. He didn’t even wait until the power was back on, which means he was not only angry at the wrong people, but he was selfish too. But then ex-militia soldiers probably aren’t the most logical people around.

The current militia folks aren’t exactly logical either. The episode opened with Monroe doing the standard villain dick move of giving his attractive hostage a pretty dress to put on. Why? Because creepy evil guys on TV want their captive women to be girly before they begin manhandling them. It’s quite baffling as to why he thought dressing Nora up and wining and dining her would be useful anyway. Nora was always going to have to be tortured before she would give up any information.

I can’t be too hard on Monroe, though, because Rachel managed to out-stupid him this week. After putting together a pretty solid plan wherein she kills Monroe and distracts the guards while Aaron gets into the tower, she then completely ruined said plan by doing the revenge pause. Rather than getting to the tent and immediately blowing Monroe up, she waited for him to look her in the eyes and acknowledge her before she pulled the pin on her grenade and the screen faded to black. Presumably those soldiers around Monroe, who also saw her, will stop her from blowing them all up. Even they can’t be stupid enough to just let her kill them.

Other than those epic displays of idiocy, this was a decent episode, if for little else than Neville’s usual withering comments and Charlie and Jason. Back in the first half of this season the kids were the weakest thing about the show, but now it’s a shame they don’t get to do more ass kicking; they could easily lead a Miles-light episode. Plus they get bonus points after one episode for doing relationship drama that doesn’t make you wish they would fall out of their helicopter from a great height. (I’m looking at you, Miles.)

Perhaps I’m being a bit hard on Revolution, but after 18 episodes and a vast improvement in, well, everything, it’s a shame the show is letting cliches and stupid character decisions pull it down. Here’s hoping next week sees everyone wise up.

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