Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Finale 2013 Review “Aloha. Malama Pono” – Who are They?

Hawaiii Five-0 season 3 finale - Aloha. Malama Pono (Farewell and take care)

In the Hawaii Five-0 season 3 finale, called “Aloha. Malama Pono” (Hawaiian for “Farewell and Take Care), the team tracks down a killer, gets involved in a CIA case, and helps out a friend in a way that could break the team apart.

The CIA plane crash

I don’t know about anyone else, but this episode sure kept me going. The whole time I watched it, I kind of kept wondering “where is the real story?” I mean the story of the CIA plane and the missing kid was intense, don’t get me wrong, but a season finale I expect to concentrate on the main characters. Sure, we had little moments here and there but I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, as it were.

Kono, Adam and Michael

Then things really started heating up with the Kono story. I really, really wanted to believe the Adam was a good guy. First of all because I just didn’t want Kono to go through that and secondly because that would have been a tad predictable. I was relieved when Adam proved how much he was willing to protect her by shooting his brother, but as soon as Chin pulled him away, I knew that Adam was in big trouble.

Steve and Doris

Steve and his mother’s story just keeps on getting more and more complicated. Every time he (and we) think she might be telling the truth, she goes and does something that proves she’s hiding yet more secrets. By the time Steve was telling his mother to knock off the hurt feelings act, I was right there with him. And then they get interrupted before she can start talking about why she went to visit Wo Fat in prison? No!

Wo Fat and the ending

Like I said in the beginning of this review, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop during this entire episode and boy did it ever at the end. It wasn’t just a little flip- flop either; it was a big, old work boot that landed with a thud. First, Kono announces that she’s going to go on the lam with Adam (and Doris as his escort), then Doris and Steve decide to put their conversation on hold until she gets back, Chin decides to call Leilani to ask her out, and Danny comes home to find Gabby there waiting for him. Finally, the biggest shoe of them all dropped when Steve went to visit Wo Fat and found out that the man was ready to tell him the big secret of why Doris had come to visit, but first Steve was going to have to save him from the guys who were currently breaking into the prison to kill him.

Talk about a cliffhanger ending. There were about five of them in there and now we’re all left with tons of questions before season 4. Here comes another long summer.

My favorite bits…

WHOA! Did not expect the scene from the preview to actually open the episode. We’re in for a wild ride, people

Steve correcting Danny on the word “yoke.” I totally would’ve said “steering wheel,” too.

“Your non-existent flight just landed with five dead aboard.”

Danny suggesting that the CIA guy should pay closer attention to his planes.

“I sleep fine.”

“I burn easily.”

Steve threatening to discontinue Wo Fat’s pain meds if he didn’t help them. Ouch. Literally.

Steve finding out that his mother had been in to visit Wo Fat. Uh Oh.

Charlie agreeing to help Kono.

Steve telling Casey that he didn’t have time to dance and giving him one minute to cooperate.

“Don’t give me the hurt feelings thing because a, I don’t buy it and b, I don’t care.”

Laughing out loud when Doris said Steve was going to have to learn to trust her. I’m so with him. HOW exactly is that supposed to happen when she keeps on lying to him?

“Did you just hang up on the CIA?”
“No, I just hung up on a schmuck. A gigantic schmuck.”

Kono’s sigh of relief when Charlie found that the DNA on the gloves matched Michael.

Steve and Chin finding Max just sitting there at the hospital. So sad and scary.

Adam standing up to Michael for Kono. Yeah!

Chin gently telling Adam that he was going to have to leave his brother.

Kono saying she was going with Adam and Chin telling Steve not to stop her. Whoa!

“I’ll take good care of her.”
“I know you will.”

Kono reassuring Steve that she wouldn’t be gone forever.

Danny joking that Steve was going to get himself shot so he had to stick around for that.

“Cousin, I don’t even know what life would be like if I wasn’t a cop.”

“Well, in my defense you did say to call when I was ready.”

Chin remarking that he couldn’t offer anything as exciting as a prison riot, but he wanted a second date.

Danny coming home to find Gabby there waiting for him.

Steve’s “Who are they??” as the people got closer to breaking through the door. I feel like I’m going to hear that phrase echoing through my brain all summer.

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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