Defiance Season 1 Review “Brothers in Arms”

Defiance (Syfy) Episode 6 Brothers in Arms (4)

On the latest episode of “Defiance”, we got a little more back-story about Nolan and Irisa, in “Brothers in Arms”. Turns out that they had a little help from “Uncle” Eddie (Rob Stewart, late of “Nikita”), an old war buddy of Nolan’s who not only secured an escape vehicle for them, but took the rap for attacking some police officers to help them out, which landed him in prison for an extended stint. Now he’s a bounty hunter trailing one Pol Madis, a weapons expert that both the Earth Republic and the Votanis Collective would like to get their hands on to aid in making WMD’s.

Pol also knows Doc Yewll, mentioning that she worked on the Biodine Project during the Pale Wars, and threatens to expose her if she doesn’t help him escape. It’s implied that she does at first, then Datak, but ultimately it was Eddie himself, who wanted Pol to escape so that he could reclaim him as his bounty and deliver him to the ER. Not that it did a whole lot of good, as Nolan ended up killing him, when Pol admitted that he was only going to use his weapons savvy to help whoever the highest bidder was to make weapons to help win the war.

Whew! Got all that? Oh, “Defiance”, you are truly the Rubik’s cube of TV shows. No wonder they need a whole different platform (that would be the video game) to elaborate on and help explain all this stuff. And I thought The Americans was tough going! At least it was grounded in reality. With all this Votanis Collective and Biodine Project and so forth, I feel like I’m researching a project for history class. It is not an easy thing to keep straight, but the great thing is, I have the internet. If this were, like, a decade ago or so, I’d be screwed.

As it stands, I’m doing my best for you to puzzle this particular show out the best I can. To that end, we also saw the former Mayor resurface, with Mr. Birch in tow as always. She approached Quentin, but wasn’t too savvy about it, so he went to his father, who advised him to get rid of the artifact, lest it bring a truckload of crap down on their family. It did, sooner than later, when Birch cropped up at their house and tried to find it, ultimately resulting in another death, when Quentin caught him and strangled the guy to death with his bare hands! Yikes!

Quentin is also seeing his late brother Luke, who has been “advising” him along the way. He disposes of Mr. Birch’s body in the mines…but not the artifact. I’m guessing Riordan won’t be thrilled about this development. Unfortunately, it may be someone else in the family that pays the price for Quentin’s actions. Possibly his sister, who has her marriage coming up soon? That may end up being a wedding to remember for all the wrong reasons.

We also got a little development with Nolan and Kenya. Kenya pawned off Eddie to some of her girls, out of a growing attachment to Nolan. This didn’t sit well with her and she had a talk with her sister, Amanda, who vouched for Nolan, which she didn’t have to do. Sadly, Kenya turned tail and ran when Nolan found out about what happened with Eddie and confronted her about it. So, looks like that budding romance will have to wait. It may be for the best, as Amanda seems a bit sweet on Nolan, anyway, and one suspects, vice versa.

Also sweet on Amanda was a new character, Connor Lang (Gale Harold, late of “The Secret Circle”), a rep from the ER. He comes to fetch Pol, but ends up taking custody of Eddie, who takes the fall for Nolan’s killing Pol, which makes the second time he’s done so on the guy’s behalf. Of course, this time he has an exit strategy, so I don’t suspect that he’ll make it back to the ER to serve any sentence. It’s hard to say if Lang is one of the good ones or not, but anyone with enough taste to be into Amanda is okay on a certain level, as far as I’m concerned. We’ll see if that proves to be enough in the long run.

That was about it, save the novelty of seeing Datak actually get ahold of something he couldn’t handle for once, when Pol got the best of him, using food as a lure. It was interesting to see Datak bargaining for his life, scrambling like a weasel in the face of adversity. I guess one never knows what they’re truly made of until something nasty like this happens. Now we know that Datak isn’t quite the bad-ass he acts like he is.

All in all, a pretty solid episode. It was cool getting a sense of what kind of person Nolan was before Defiance. We now know for certain that he was a thief, for instance, and one wanted by the Varus, with a bounty on his head his own self. (Remember the gem he and Irisa had possession of in the pilot when they ran afoul of Spirit Riders?) It will be interesting to see how Amanda handles this information, if it comes to light- and it likely will, eventually.

So, what did you think of the latest episode of “Defiance”? Did you like Eddie, or were you more in line with Irisa’s attitude towards him? What did you make of Kenya opting to turn her back on Nolan? Do you think she knows that there’s a certain level of chemistry and attraction between him and her sister and that’s why? Did you want to see what a “six-legged monkey crawl” was, too? Just what the hell is going on with that artifact the former Mayor is so keen on getting her hands on?

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