The Cleveland Show Season 4 Review “Wheel! Of! Family!”

For what may be the final episode of “The Cleveland Show”, we got a particularly rousing, fast-paced intro to the amusingly-titled “Wheel! Of! Family!”, as Cleveland and Donna rushed to get the kids to their various functions and whatnot. I loved the CB bits with C & D: “Round Mound of Brown, this is Hot Cocoa Bang Bang”- “Come in, good body!”

We also got an amusing joke at soccer’s expense: “Yay, Rallo! I’m so proud of you for paying a sport that Americans are not good enough at to care about!” His idea for a gay sitcom was amusing, too: “God’s Mad About You.”

Eventually, all the going back and forth takes its toll on C & D, so they come up with a plan to get their parents, including Donna’s mother and Cleveland’s father, plus Rallo’s dad, to contribute, by spinning the titular wheel and randomly assigning different destinations to each so that C & D didn’t have to do it all themselves anymore and could get a little much-needed downtime. This leads to a decidedly unexpected and dubious development, when Robert and Dee Dee end up falling for each other and hook up. Ick!

Meanwhile, Cleveland Junior bonds with LaVar, who introduces him to the pleasures of the YMCA, encouraging him to get into shape for once. He’s not too thrilled at first before he discovers an unexpected hidden talent: an affinity for pole-dancing! Said one enthused onlooker: “He’s like a fat, black, talented Tim Tebow of dancing pole.” That about says it all.

Yep, you read all that correctly. Over the course of one episode, we got near-incest, a teenage male pole-dancing, and also Roberta dating a five-year old for good measure! I guess if the show’s going to go out on this episode, why not go for broke, right?

Eventually, Dee Dee and Robert decide to make it official and adopt a kid to make up for past parenting mishaps. Loved Donna and Rallo’s reaction to this, especially the latter: “Still only in my formative years.” LOL.

Despite the disturbing nature of the plotlines, there were plenty of funny lines throughout. Here’s a few of my favorites.

LaVar, when a woman exercising surprises him: “I thought she was a squat rack!”

Cleveland’s running gag with Donna: “And your jealous because you’re stuck here with old Johnny-come-painfully-quickly-lately…God Dammit!”

Robert, on Dee Dee: “Plenty of tread left on that tire.”

Walt, on dating Roberta: “Age ain’t nothing but a number.”

YMCA exerciser: “There’s a time in one’s life where one has to stand up to their grandfather and dance on a pole!”

Robert, to Cleveland and Donna: “We’d like you to stand with us at a renaming ceremony, where we change Qian Quang’s name to a proper American name, like D’Brickashaw or Mustang Sally.”

LaVar, to CJ: “You’re the only pole dancer I’ve ever seen with a soul…and a wiener. This is regrettably what you were born to do.”

Cleveland, after Donna finally makes him see how screwed up the whole thing with their family really is: “Now that a man cares, let’s go do something about it!”

As final episodes go, this was a pretty good one, filled with lots of funny dialogue and scenarios. Yes, it was often in poor taste and said situations often ludicrous and pretty disturbing, but that kind of thing is par for the course with creator Seth MacFarlane’s entire body of work, so no big surprise there. I guess my only real quibble is that we didn’t get much with Cleveland’s buddies on either show that aired this Sunday. (See my review of the other episode here.)

I mean, granted, we got a fair amount earlier in the season, but if this is to be the last show, it would have been nice to see a bit more of the gang, I suppose. Beyond that, it was the funnier of the two episodes by far, and filled with some LOL moments, so it’s a minor quibble. Overall, nothing to be ashamed of, with some fun visual gags to boot sprinkled in. (I liked the bit where Cleveland “blew up” his hand when it appeared in frame really small.)

What did you think of the potentially final episode of “The Cleveland Show”? Did you enjoy the last two episodes overall? Would you be sad if the show didn’t return? Let me know in the comments!