Nurse Jackie Season 5 “Walk of Shame” Review

Was anyone else nervous when this week’s episode of Nurse Jackie began with Jackie telling Grace to proceed with her day as usual and to expect a conversation about trust with both of her parents later on? First, I wasn’t sure that we could trust that Grace would even show up later on for the conversation she clearly wanted to avoid. Second, I wasn’t confident that Jackie’s attempt to be a good co-parent would not turn into another round of the one-sided Kevin blame game. Finally, the two came together and disciplined Grace without Jackie taking the blame for her daughter’s normal teenage behavior. I suspect this is not the last we’ve seen of Grace’s troubles.

I was also a little concerned about Jackie’s lack of enthusiasm for Frank’s invitation for a “do over” date. I’d hoped that her hesitation was due to her concerns for her daughter or maybe guilt that she used her daughter as an excuse to leave the date early, an action that eventually culminated in sexy times with Cruz. I mean Jackie’s got to know things will not work out with Cruz, right? In the end, it looks like Jackie and Cruz needed each other to help move past Charlie’s death.

Was it just me or did Gloria seem to suspect things were a little personal with Cruz and Jackie? It was pretty funny to watch the doctors and nurses respond to Cruz’s return like he was a ghost or zombie walking the halls. I loved Zoey’s “nuckin’ futts.”

I was also reminded just how darn likeable that Eddie is. Although it was a little creepy, I loved that he knew Jackie so well he could see her night with Cruz written all over her face. Indeed, women and men can just be platonic friends, but given their history, it’s hard not to think about Eddie and Jackie getting together again.

Prentiss is starting to show some cracks in his otherwise sterling armor. I’m sensing the doctor has some self-hate or resentment issues about his upbringing. Thank goodness for Jackie’s compassion and stubbornness with the teen boy suffering from PTSD. I’m glad that Prentiss made amends for his premature assumptions and helped the boy deal with the loss of his sister.

Random observation – I love so very much that Zoey requests non-generic antibiotics.

Coop and Roman must . . . end . . . NOW! Thank you crazy patient for calling her a C U Next Tuesday. Oh wait, she likes it. Of course she does. Are the walls at the hospital so thick no one could hear Coop screaming?

Was Prentiss trying to talk Zoey into joining the army? No. No. NO! I’m still not over O’Hara’s departure!

I’m realizing that it’s hard for me to look at Bobby Cannavale and not see a few select, memorable moments from Boardwalk Empire.

In the end, Jackie appeared to choose the person who could offer stability (Frank) over pure passion (with Cruz). I hope this will be the start of an upswing for Jackie as we enter the second half of the season.

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