Amazon Drops ‘Zombieland’ Pilot

Amazon has decided against picking up the TV pilot Zombieland from co-creators Rheit Reese and Paul Wernick. According to Entertainment Weekly, the pilot has been online for a month for fans to view and vote on. Although the pilot scored a fair amount of 5 star ratings, Amazon has decided against a pick-up to turn the project into a television series. Creator Reese tweeted the bad news over the pilot’s demise. ‘Zombieland’ “will not be moving forward on Amazon. Sad for everyone involved.”

The series, inspired by the 2009 film with the same name, starring actor Jesse Eisenberg, centers on a young Texas college student who decides to travel on a road trip to Ohio to see if his parents are still alive following the rise of zombies that have taken over the world. After catching a ride with a unique stranger, the main character ends up on a wild adventure, meeting some interesting characters along the way.

While Amazon did pass on the zombie pilot, the commerce company did gave the greenlight to ‘Alpha House’ with Jon Goodman (Argo), Clark Johnson (Defendor), Matt Malloy (Hitch) and Mark Consuelos (All My Children). The series follows the four senators, who all share a house together.