5 New Summer TV Shows To Watch

Motive cast, Primeval: New World cast, Under the Dome, Graceland cast, King and Maxwell

Ah, summer! Lazy days, cold drinks, vacations and new TV shows! I can’t believe that it is almost here. The 2012 fall TV shows are either wrapped up until fall 2013 or are in the process of wrapping up, and the networks are bringing on the replacement programming. This week I will talk about some new shows that I will be watching this summer and next week I will discuss my returning favorites!

Under the Dome

Under the Dome

I am a full on sci-fi geek, so anytime a new sci-fi program is announced I get all quivery! On the broadcast networks sci-fi does not usually do as well as on the cable networks, so I also feel a sense of obligation to support this type of programming with my viewership. This does tend to lead to disappointment when the plug gets pulled on something I have grown to love, but for me personally it is worth it!

This program is based on a Stephen King novel. I have not read the book, but the synopsis says an invisible force field descends on a town and shuts it off from the rest of the world. It premieres June 24 on CBS. Haven, also based on a Stephen King novel, is on the SyFy channel and is doing well, so that fact alone gives me hope this program could survive.

King and Maxwell

King and Maxwell

I watch a lot of crime procedurals. And the networks seem to always be looking for a new twist on things. In fact, it seems that there are a lot of crime shows that do not feature police officers as the headlining characters! This show features two discredited former Secret Service agents. There seem to be a lot of former and current Secret Service agents around on TV. Pete and Myka on Warehouse 13 are current agents assigned to special duty at the Warehouse, and Kate from the early seasons of NCIS was recruited by Gibbs from the Secret Service!

Aside from the fact I enjoy unconventional crime shows, I also happen to really like one of the actors on this program, Jon Tenney – formerly on The Closer. I expect this show to be snarky and off beat, which really appeals to my sense of humor. It premieres June 10 on TNT.

Primeval: New World

Primeval New World cast

Another new sci-fi program, and a Canadian import, this show is set in Vancouver just like Continuum. I guess Vancouver is the new Tokyo for hosting strange sci-fi events. In this program, pre-historic creatures travel via time anomalies to modern day Vancouver and must be tracked down and destroyed before they do immense damage. I am curious to see how they cover up the facts of what is really going on – I mean, dinosaurs in a city would attract some attention, right? We don’t want the citizens of Vancouver panicking after all!

Primeval: New World has aired in Canada already, and is a spin off from the British series, Primeval, which is very popular. It will premiere in the US on June 8 on SyFy. And, for me personally, I will also be watching because one of the stars will be Niall Matter from Eureka – I love him!


Graceland cast

I’m not quite sure what to make of this program, but am very curious to see how it all pans out. It tells the story of undercover agents from the FBI, DEA and US Customs all forced to live together in a government seized mansion which becomes their base of operation. How exactly this all came to pass will hopefully be addressed early on, because I think that will help establish how believable the show is. In some ways it reminds me of the proposed NCIS: Los Angeles spinoff with the Red Team who live and travel together to scenes of different crimes.

This program premieres June 6 on USA. Knowing how much I enjoy other series on USA, I have high hopes it has the same light tone and sense of humor, along with the requisite action and drama I have come to expect from USA TV shows.


Motive cast

Ok, another crime procedural. This one is a Canadian import. Its claim to fame is the twist of showing the viewer at the beginning of the episode who the victim and the perpetrator are. Maybe it is because I am older, but it seems to me this is not a new idea. Columbo did it. You always knew who the criminal was on Columbo, and the fun of the show was watching as he solved the crime and brought the perpetrator to justice by outsmarting him or her.

From what I have read of Motive, it seems the great mystery to solve will be why the person was murdered. I think this has potential to be quite interesting. This show premieres this week on May 23 according to the ABC website. But, according to another source, the first episode will actually be shown on Monday night, May 20, in the 10 pm time slot just vacated by Castle which wrapped until the fall, and it will actually be the second episode that airs in the regular time slot on May 23.

This show features some actors familiar to me, which always piques my interest more – Louis Ferreira from Stargate Universe, Lauren Holly from NCIS, and Roger Cross from Arrow.


So there is my list of new shows to watch. Which new shows of the summer season are you looking forward to watching? Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!