Nurse Jackie Season 5 Episode 6 “Walk of Shame”

Nurse Jackie Season 5 Episode 6 “Walk of Shame” airs Sunday, May 19 at 9 pm on Showtime.

Episode Synopsis: Nurse Jackie Season 5 Episode 6 “Walk of Shame” – Jackie and Grace both have to recover from their nights of indiscretion. Jackie and Kevin discipline Grace together. Jackie calls Frank to apologize for running out on him. He asks her for a redo that night, but she says she’ll get back to him. Zoey gets stitched up by Prentiss because she was hit in the head by her shower head. Carrie uses flashcards to strengthen her skills then cons Coop into doing more of her work. A skateboarder comes in with a broken arm. Jackie makes Coop promise he’ll give Carrie the next patient. Cruz enters, ready to do his exit interview. Everyone is unsure how to feel about and act around him. Carrie is forced to take on Louie, a heaving drunken mess with a broken nose. As Carrie tries to treat him, he calls her a cunt. Carrie shows a hint of emotion, which she later channels sexually with Coop. Jackie tells Cruz last night was a mistake, but that’s not how he feels. To him, they’re not a one time thing and he’d like to see her later. Prentiss dismisses Anthony, a young black boy, as a drug seeker, but Jackie orders a few tests. When she checks on Louie, he frees himself of his restraints and pushes Jackie over. The commotion triggers a reaction in Anthony, which Prentiss recognizes as PTSD. Jackie arrives at Cruz’s apartment and gives him a final kiss goodbye. Then she makes the healthier choice and takes Frank up on his offer and they share their first kiss.

Show Summary: Every day is a matter of life and death in a hectic New York City hospital, but for Nurse Jackie that’s the easiest part. Between chronic back pain that won’t quit, and a personal life on the constant edge of collapse, it’s going to take a white lie here, a bent rule there, and a handful of secret strategies to relieve the pain, and stay one step ahead of total disaster. Three-time Emmy® winner Edie Falco stars in the critically acclaimed Showtime Original Comedy Series NURSE JACKIE.

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