The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Finale Review “Graduation”

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Finale 2013 Graduation

The fourth season of The Vampire Diaries ended with ‘Graduation’, a rollercoaster of an episode which saw the vampirism cure almost used by three different characters, the veil rise, a character return to life, Elena’s love triangle finally settled, and the true face of Silas revealed.

I’ll give TVD this, while the episode wasn’t perfect, it was damned entertaining and the ending was a surprise.

But first, let’s get the graduation out of the way. While it was a nice emotional moment and a pleasant way to say a sort-of goodbye to Bonnie, it made the characters seem vapid. The vengeful dead are wandering around town, the veil needs to be raised in a few hours, and time is ticking down until the everyone’s loved ones fade into the ether. Going to their graduation felt like a waste of valuable time for the characters.

Another thing I wasn’t too sure about was the twist at the end. It was cool, but hasn’t there been enough confusing doppleganger stuff already? Stefan is now apparently Silas’ shadow, the somewhat mortal version of him that nature created, but to what end? Would killing Stefan — human or vampire — kill the immortal Silas? Presumably there is some link, otherwise what would be the point? It would explain why Silas doesn’t kill Stefan at the end of the episode, instead locking him in a safe and tossing him into a quarry. I suppose I shouldn’t really count this as a low point to the episode, as it sets up a very interesting season five.

And there will presumably be less confusing doppleganger stuff coming up next year, since we now have a human Katherine. Elena cramming the vampirism cure down Katherine’s throat was a great moment, but it does leave you wondering what the outcome will be. Katherine wanted to be Silas-level immortal. She clearly likes being a vampire and wanted to be a better one. What’s to stop her now human self from going out and getting vamped again by one of her many associates? It would be a waste of the cure.

All that aside, there was some really great stuff: Matt and Rebekah planning to travel the world together (sidenote: Matt finally catches a damned break on this show!); Klaus creepily/romantically — depending on your point of view — telling Caroline that she can have Tyler, her first love, since Klaus plans on being her last ever love; Jeremy coming back to life; the heartbreaking way Alaric and Lexi disappeared mid-conversation. All fantastic.

The biggest surprise of the episode for me wasn’t the big reveal at the end, it was the way Elena’s love life was dealt with. Firstly, there was no big drama in the triangle. It wasn’t even really a triangle. Post-emotionless Elena didn’t quite go back to her soppy, simpering ways, and instead of trying to decide between the two, the decision seemed to have already been made. It was nice to see her acting maturely in her love life for once. And as someone who always prefered Elena/Damon to Elena/Stefan, I’m glad we’ll finally get to see them together without the sire bond hanging over their heads.

That said, it’ll be interesting to see whether Silas!Stefan tries to throw a spanner in the works for them. I can’t see why he would be interested in Elena, but surely there’s going to be some whole fellow dopplegangery reason for him to be a Klaus-level dick, right? This is TVD‘s modus operandi.

Overall, a great episode which tied up most of the loose ends of season four fairly satisfyingly and set up a very interesting season five. Roll on September…

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