Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Finale “Perfect Storm” Review

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 24 Perfect Storm (4)

I simply don’t know where to begin.

Last night marked the season 9 finale of Grey’s Anatomy and fans of the show know that Shonda is a firm believer in going out with a bang. Last year it was a plane crash, this year it was a literal and proverbial storm.

Der, Mer and Baby McDreamy

When Meredith’s water broke just as the storm settled on Seattle, I knew that things would be a bit rough for her in the finale. After discovering that Baby McDreamy was coming out prematurely and face first, Meredith ended up having a c-section in the dark. Thankfully, the c-section went fine and Baby McD was in good health, but of course that’s wasn’t the end of her woes.

Meredith’s fall came back to haunt her again, as her spleen began bleeding as Shane tried to close her up after her c-setion. Meredith’s fall ended up being the swift kick in the pants Shane and Bailey needed to get over their respective insecurities. I loved watching Bailey take out her frustrations on the electronically-operated medication dispenser. Was anyone else wondering why there would be no manual override for something so important to patient care?

On another note, Christina’s attempt to reassure Derek that Meredith would be okay after having survived a bomb, drowning, gunman and plane crash only reminded me of how doggone unrealistic Grey’s Anatomy can be at times.

Alex and Jo

Alex finally came clean to Jo about his feelings about her and I was so relieved to see that she happily received his expression of love. As Alex observed, he has had the worst luck with women so I really hope this is finally his well-deserved break. Come on, Shonda. This guy deserves a win.

April and Matthew Jackson

Not even the most adorable, heartwarming flash mob proposal could stifle April’s feelings for Jackson, particularly after she feared that he died trying to rescue a child from a burning bus.

Matthew and April are going to have a very uncomfortable, awkward conversation about her reaction to Jackson’s heroic, yet risky effort to save a child’s life. It will be interesting to see if that conversation will take place onscreen.

Broken Relationships

Divorce seemed to be the best thing that happened to Owen and Christina’s relationship, but Owen’s bond with Ethan clearly spelled the reemergence of the baby issue. It was somewhat amusing to watch the two argue over which one knew Owen the best. I don’t think these two are over yet.

Thanks to the simple act of pinning a wedding ring to a scrub top, Callie found out that Arizona cheated. Unsurprisingly, it all went back to the crash in last season’s finale and Callie’s decision to amputate Arizona’s leg. Although the two had been doing so well lately, I wasn’t surprised that Arizona was still struggling the crash and its aftermath.

While Arizona’s feelings were understandable, considering what she’s been through, it was hard to watch the scene with Callie. Like Alex, Callie hasn’t had the best luck in relationships and I’m sure that the sting of another cheating spouse is not lost on her.

No, Shonda! Say it ain’t so!

The season finale was a reminder of why I still struggle with thinking of Richard Webber as simply Dr. Webber instead of Chief Webber. Sure, his tough love approach with Bailey didn’t work, but he did a hell of a job inspiring the doctors to face their fears and do the impossible to save their patients in the midst of the storm. It was amazing to watch him guide Yang through heart surgery in the dark.

As Christina shared her heartfelt gratitude to Richard, I began to feel less confident about his chances of making it out of the finale alive. As the episode came to a close and Meredith’s voice over became darker, I suspected that Richard was in trouble. We don’t know if Richard’s alive, but it can’t be good that no one had discovered him as the episode closed. I hope that Shonda will surprise us and allow Richard to make it.

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