Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Finale Review “Never Turn Back”

Well crap, just as I was ready to write off Beauty and the Beast once and for all, the show pulled ‘Never Turn Back’ out of the bag. This season finale saw Vincent given the option of becoming human once again, but Muirfield’s return puts his new life into jeopardy before it has even begun. It wasn’t a brilliant episode, but it was easily the strongest of the second half of this season.

The premise of the episode was pretty simple at its core: Gabe’s medication wasn’t killing Vincent as was thought, instead the small dose he took was overriding his corrupted DNA and reversing the beast side of him. All it would take to turn him back into the beast during this transitional state, however, was some sort of vaccine, which would kick his immune system into overdrive. For some reason, this would be a permanent change, and he would never be able to take Gabe’s pills to become human at a later stage.

Which would have been fine and all, except Muirfield — presumbly it’s Muirfield — decided now was a good time to try and kill Cat’s father before he revealed some big information to her (namely that the head guy was in town). Then Gabe and his wonderful timing decided now was a good time to kidnap Cat and hold her hostage in order to force Vincent to hand himself over to Gabe, so Gabe and his ladyfriend could harvest his lymphatic system.

Suffice to say that while I found the ‘one pill will cure you, one random vaccine will turn you beastly again’ thing a bit iffy, I liked that it was Cat who forced Vincent to become the beast once again. It’s not often this show gets into shades of gray, but there’s definitely some potential grittiness for season two in how Vincent will react to what Cat did. After all, his life may have been in danger, but Cat turning him into the beast once more meant Muirfield recognised him and picked him up at the end of the episode. Would they have recognised and picked him up anyway? We may never know, but I’m sort of hoping Vincent blames Cat, even a little bit, at the start of season two to shake their relationship up a bit. For all their (incessant) talk about their unsure future, their actual present day relationship has gotten far too complacent.

The oddest thing to come out of this episode was the sudden reveal that Cat’s dad isn’t her biological father, followed by the incredibly quick reveal that the Muirfield guy is her father. On the one hand, more drama. On the other hand, it makes Muirfield not finding Vincent before now potentially more ridiculous. I mean surely Cat’s bio!dad was keeping on eye on her, especially since Muirfield knows Cat’s interested in them. (Remember back in the pilot, when they cleared her hard drive?) How could he have not found out about her and Vincent?

This has been the biggest issue for me throughout season one. There are so many reasons Cat and Vincent shouldn’t work well as a couple, and yet instead of overcoming the biggest problems that the couple should be facing, the show seems to just write around them. When Muirfield should find Vincent — because he frequents Cat’s home, because he walks around in the open, because Muirfield should have been keeping an eye on his best friend and his fiancee’s homes after his initial disappearance — they just…don’t, and we are supposed to believe that Cat and Vincent are smarter than this organization, even though it just seems as though Muirfield are the stupidest bad guys television has ever seen. This is a major issue and something that needs to be addressed and fixed for season two.

To be honest, for all I genuinely enjoyed this week’s Beauty and the Beast, all I got from this newest Muirfield thread and from most of the episode was that Peter Mooney may be in season two. If I do bother to watch, I will definitely be okay with this. Alas, without some serious work on the primary antagonists, and something to make Cat and Vincent a little less middle of the road, I doubt I’ll be tuning in to season two.

What about you, dear reader? What did you think of ‘Never Turn Back’ and season one overall? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!