Psych Season 7 Review “Dead Air” – A Player Named Gus

Psych Season 7 Episode 12 Dead Air

In this episode of Psych, called “Dead Air,” Shawn and Gus help to track down the person who murdered their favorite radio D.J. and along the way; both get the chance to hit the airwaves themselves.

Good morning, Santa Barbs!

One thing I got a kick out of in this episode was seeing how differently Shaw and Gus were on their radio shows. I’ll get to Gus’ show in a second, but first I want to talk about Shawn. Of course he went more for the wackiness and silliness but come on, son, this is Shawn we’re talking about here. It’s not like he’s going to come on the air with a serious news report or offer advice to people with romance problems. But as zany as he was, Shawn didn’t allow his show to go too far and nor did he use his assistant to get cheap laughs. I thought that showed a lot about who Shawn is – he may be a jokester, but he never tries to actually hurt anyone.

Where is Shules?

I know not a lot happened with Shawn and Juliette in this episode, but seeing how much has happened with them already this season, I was okay with that. After last week’s episode I was hoping that they would just settle down in their regular routine and they did just that. I still find it confusing that they are kinda sorta acting like a couple, but right now I’m just concentrating on the fact that they’re at least being friendly with each other.

You are now entering the Smooth Storm

Now on to Gus and his awesome radio show. I have to admit that his ultra smooth voice made my knees weak. I know they were playing it for laughs, but I thought Gus was quite sexy as his radio alter-ego. I did like that underneath it all, he was still the same old Gus though. With all that’s been going on with Shawn and Juliette, Gus’ relationship with Rachel has been put kind of on the back burner and I was happy to see it brought more to the forefront in this one. I am sad that Gus will be without Rachel for six months, but I think they can make it and I’m interested to see how he deals with this challenge.

My favorite bits..

“I’m the spark that lights the fire.”

Henry referring to sleeping with Shawn’s mother as “natural and arabesque.”

“He was laughing with us, Jules.”

Rachel and Juliet taking a walk on the beach. Kind of liked seeing them bond.

“He cries at the drop of a hat. Literally.”

“Somebody shot the crock pot?”

Crock-O’s? Sounds a bit like Psych-O’s doesn’t it. Nicely done, writers.

“She does realize he was shot, right?”

“I’m psychic detective Shawn Spencer, and this is my partner, Django Unchained.”
“I’m not amused by that.”

Lassie coming in and yelling at Shawn and Gus for getting lost like children.

The epic eye roll from Shawn when Miranda said that Gus was more than just a pretty face. Um, jealous much, Shawn?

Shawn punching Gus for taking the chair.

The fact that Shawn kept getting lower and lower as he tried to figure out how to sit at the table without a chair.

“Did he say it like a normal person, or like the Movie Phone guy?”

“O’Hara check his alibi. I’m guessing it’s Swiss, as in cheese, as in full of lactate.”

“Well, well, well, it looks like someone’s more than just a brownish face.”

Miranda pointing out that Shawn had given up on his nickname game too easily.

Shawn pointing out that no one noticed when Gus fell asleep during his own radio show.

“That’s what it sounds like to be bald, angry and divorced.. with nipples like elephant darts.” – You know, I could’ve done without that last piece of information.

Shawn revealing that Rachel was leaving – live on the air.

Rachel reassuring Gus that he had nothing to be afraid of. Aw.

“Dude, did that man just confess to us?” – I know it is too easy, but wouldn’t it be a kick in the pants if Syd actually did do it?

“You’re like a more agitated Blaire Underwood.”

Gus and Miranda’s offers and counter-offers.

“Interrogate me, Burton! Turn the screws! See if I’ll break!”

Gus turning Miranda down. Go, Gus!

Shawn asking how Gus having to endure serious sexual harassment could be the bad news.

“Miranda has a vision for me, Shawn.”
“Yeah, you standing naked posing like Captain Morgan.” – Okay, I loves me some Gus but that is still not a pretty image.

Shawn calling in to Gus’ show with some embarrassing stories about him. Haha!

Gus’ awesome scream when his window was shot out.

Finding out how much more awesome Gus’ scream got before he fainted.

Gus fighting Miranda’s attempt to give him mouth-to-mouth.

“I’m serious, we call him ‘Burton Gout-ster.'”

Juliet leaving the room when Gus and Laura’s conversation got a little weird.

The Rachel and Miranda girl fight.

Shawn reassuring Jules that he wouldn’t abandon her if she had brain damage.

“Stand if it’s one, sit if it’s two, that’s all you’re getting from me, Shawn.” – The intense whisper-argument that followed that was hilarious.

“There is a Bob!”
“Yeah, and pigs fly.”
“I knew it!”

Gus telling Rachel that he would be counting down the days until she got back. Aw.

Whoa! Totally gasped out loud when Bob showed up at Gus’ door. You got me show, well done.

Shawn realizing that Gus was in trouble.

“Oh, my Gosh! You need Jesus.”

Gus landing with his butt in the air after Bob punched him.

Lassie’s flying tackle into Bob.

Gus passing out and Shawn giving his buddy an unconscious fist-bump.

Feeling so bad when Gus’ face dropped after he heard that Max’s father had surprised them at the airport. No! Rachel and Gus forever!

Shawn doing everything he could to lighten the mood for Gus. Aw.

What did you think of this episode of Psych? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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