‘Once Upon a Time’ To Have Crossover with Spin-Off ‘Wonderland’

Now that we know not only will the ABC fairytale drama Once Upon a Time will be back this fall, but also the show’s much-buzzed-about spin-off to be known as Once Upon a Time in Wonderland will be debuting in the fall. And that’s not all: the two shows will be crossing over.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the first episode of ‘Wonderland’ will start in Storybrooke, the real-world town where ‘Once Upon a Time’ takes place, but the show will “maintain clear and separate identities” as the powers-that-be behind the show want the spin-off to ‘stand-alone with its only easily accessible story”.

‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’ has landed the albeit cursed Thursday nights at 8 PM on ABC, as recently announced by the network at their upfront presentations in New York City earlier this week, and its first episode won’t be the only time it will crossover with its brethren on Sunday nights at 8 PM.

A full episode of ‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’ has not been shot although 19 minutes of the presumed pilot episode was filmed to be shown to the network’s executives; but where the crossover with Storybrooke is yet to be determined.

The finale of the second season of ‘Once Upon a Time’ just aired on ABC this past Sunday while the debut of ‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’ will be coming up at some point this fall.