The Mindy Project Season 1 Review “Take Me With You”

Happily, “The Mindy Project” went out on a strong note with their latest episode, “Take Me With You,” which would have been a reasonably decent series ender had the show been cancelled, if a bit open-ended on the whole. Thankfully, that was not the case, so we will indeed get to see if Mindy was able to brave the jungles of Haiti and stay involved with Casey. Or will she find herself unable to resist the allure of Dr. Danny, now that he’s hesitating on getting too snug with the ex? I guess we’ll have to wait until next season to find out!

Some great lines throughout the episode- so much I could hardly keep up, in fact. So, to that end, let’s just say that the (more or less) beginning and ending bookend scenes with the most unsexy online sex talk ever (LOL to the indecisive A or B’s and letting “those dogs out”) and the scenes with Mindy pleading to Casey for a second chance at his apartment building from the street (my favorite was the resident that yelled: “Get off the street psycho bitch!” and hawked clothes hangers at her, adding “There’s more where that came from!”) were hilarious from top to bottom.

In between, we also had some great zingers, such as the following:

Mindy, to a mother with impending triplets, with one assigned to each of the three doctors in her office: “Rest assured that I will do everything within my power to make sure that my baby is the best!”

Danny, on the “Bed, Bath & Beyond”-type store Mindy takes him to: “This place is like an insane asylum for troubled adolescent girls.” (Loved his busted-up birdcage, BTW- I would totally have bought that, too, and maybe some “Wally Wongs,” too, while I was at it, because they sound fab.)

Danny, on Mindy’s unsuitability for Haiti’s wildlife: “You called 911 when a butterfly got into your apartment.”
Mindy: “I thought it was a colorful bat.”

Mindy, after she caught everyone laying bets on how long she’d make it in Haiti, when Tamra only put one day and tried to justify it with a short story: “That is enough! I would normally love that anecdote, but now I hate it!”

Morgan, on what would happen if Mindy was kidnapped in Haiti: “You would never make it as a sex slave. You’re too ticklish.”
He tickles her and she giggles adorably, then turns on him: “Stop it! I would be a fantastic sex slave!”

Mindy, after Christina says that she cuts her hair short so that she won’t be thought sexy when on assignment and that Mindy should, too: “Who doesn’t want to be sexualized?”

Casey, after shooting a piece of food into Mindy’s eye while flossing: “You got caught in the floss-fire!” (I also laughed when his…well, I’ll just let Mindy take this one: “Oh my God, Casey! Your penis just knocked off my glasses!” I also loved the callback later where she called him “all elbows and penis.”)

Brendan, on his brother’s psychically-enhanced hugging abilities: “Duncan’s hugs never lie.”

Morgan, on Christina’s sexy photo of Danny: “I love that you didn’t show Danny’s crotch because, honestly, it makes me think about it even more.”

Also priceless was Casey’s impromptu proposal to Mindy: “I just had a rap ‘sesh’ with the Notorious G.O.D. Know what ‘G’ said? That’s your girl, dude.”

Tamra, summing up the night’s drama: “Hmm. White people problems.”
Mindy: “I’m obviously not white, Tamra. Come on!”

So, some pretty funny stuff all around, with lots of memorable moments. It was definitely one of the best of the season. The show has been doing great in the second half of the first season, seemingly re-energized by the mid-season pick-up and in the zone for most of the rest of the first season on the whole. Sure, there were some iffy eps here and there, but the overall track record was pretty solid.

Nicely done, and good on ya, FOX for giving the show another shot to sink in next season, despite only okay ratings. It kills me how quickly they cancel shows these days- and how long it takes to cancel others, in some cases. I think “The Mindy Project” is worth fighting for.

What did you think? Are you happy the show gets another shot? What did you think of the various cast changes? Sad to see anyone go? What about Casey? Is he a keeper? Or would you rather see Mindy and Danny together, as somewhat implied by their “moment” near the end of the show?

Let me know what you thought of “The Mindy Project”, and see you next season!