NCIS: Los Angeles Season 4 Finale 2013 Review “Descent” – A Torturous Ending for All

NCIS Los Angeles - Descent

In this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, called “Descent,” the team uses one enemy to help them try and take down another enemy, two team members discover sour feelings between each other and another two discover more affection than they thought.

I really tried to watch this episode a second time before reviewing it, but my satellite went kaput so I’m just going to have to make do with a single viewing. I have to admit that I wasn’t privy to all the speculations going around about how intense this was going to be and a part of me is happy for that. Having no clue that agents were going to be tortured, for instance, made it that much harder to watch in the end.

Sam and Deeks

Finding out that Sam was holding on to as-yet-unexpressed resentment for Deeks was both a revelation and something that made a lot of sense. Sam has always been extremely harsh to the shaggy-haired detective and I guess now we finally know why. Though I thought that Sam not liking “different” was hardly an excuse in my book, I feel like the whole thing was a great setup to the ending. Deeks not only saved Sam’s life, but is enduring torture to keep his wife safe. If that doesn’t make Sam like him, I really don’t know what would. I hope Sam has one heck of an apology for Deeks when this is all over.


Poor Callen. When Janvier revealed his evil plot and made it clear that he was going to kill and hurt as many of Callen’s loved ones (including Sam and Deeks) as he could, my heart ached. I’m sure Callen wanted nothing more than to put a bullet through this guy’s skull a bunch of times but each time he’s been convinced that there were other solutions that were better for the team and even the country. Something tells me that Janvier better look out because I have a feeling that bullet is coming for him now.

Deeks and Kensi

Deeks really had a rough time in this episode when you think about it. Not only was Sam being (forgive the language) a bit of a prick, but every time Kensi came around, she was yelling at him, too. But at least with Kensi we could all see what was upsetting her. She knows she loves Deeks and is sick and tired they won’t actually say what they are feeling. Deeks finds the best way to tell her exactly how he feels and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who gasped out loud at that kiss. Kensi running off without a response and now Deeks being tortured is going to leave them in an interesting place come next season. Will either of them acknowledge the kiss when the dust has settled or will they both claim that it was a “heat of the moment” kind of thing and attempt to go back to the way things were? My vote is for the former.

Wondering what is going to happen with all of these characters, especially Deeks and Sam, is going to torture me the whole summer. Let the countdown to fall begin.

My favorite bits..

Whoa! When a show starts with a nuclear bomb going off, you know you’re in for a wild ride.

And they don’t start with witty repartee but go straight to the briefing room? Oh boy..

Kensi pointing out that Deeks would of course want to be watching her ass.

Kensi continuing to answer his questions with more questions.

Kensi accusing Deeks of not saying what he means. Whoa.

Deeks realizing how much

“Sometimes we even text when we’re right next to each other. It’s adorable.”

“If this is about my hair cut, it needs to end.” – So with Deeks on this. I mean WTF, Sam?

“You are toast.”

“Personally I’m lobbying for Gitmo.”

Deeks and Granger helping Sam and Callen to pull a fast one over Sidorov.

The look on Callen’s face when Janvier said they made a good team.

Finding out that Janvier and Sidorov were planning a meet in (literally) the middle of nowhere.

“You jeopardize this mission or my people and you’ll get your death wish.” Callen gets my heart fluttering when he talks like that

“Does it feel like I’m playing?” – I had the same reaction that Deeks’ had. Wow.

“How’s that for communication?” – Holy crap! Holy crap! Literally squealed out loud just now. #NCISLA

GAH!!! I feel like Eric and Nell back at base right now – watching what’s going on but unable to do anything to help. Eeek!

Hetty telling Sam to control his emotions because they needed Janvier alive.

Sidorov telling Sam how touching it was to watch Deeks save his life and how much he must care about him.

Yep, totally knew that someone was going to end up going out that window.

“This is all your doing.”

Finding out how Janvier told Sidorov about Sam. Brilliantly evil.

Sam refusing to give up Quinn.

Sidorov informing Sam that he was going to start in on Deeks. Oh, crap.

Deeks and Sam sharing that look through the window as Sam shook his head begging for Deeks not to give up Michelle. As if he even had to ask? I know there’s no way Deeks would do it.

The sounds of Deeks’ screams down the hall as the screen went blank. Wow… just, wow.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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