Grimm Season 2 Review “The Walking Dead”

Grimm Season 2 Episode 21 The Waking Dead (4)

Watching Grimm is starting to feel like watching a tennis match. Some weeks it drops the ball and some weeks it serves up only aces. Last night’s episode was worthy of the finals at Roland Garros. We got back to the intrigue with the royal family and Adalind’s demon baby, finally moved past the Juliette amnesia storyline, James Frain returned, and there was a super cool N’awlins zombie maker.

This week’s Wesen story was the most interesting one we’ve seen this season. From the preview, it seemed that we were going to get a Walking Dead inspired zombie story. Instead we got Baron Samedi, a Cracher-Mortel with the power to spew a green goo that induces a trance-like state resembling death. By the end of most episodes, the Baron would have been vanquished. In a delightful twist, the Baron not only made it through the hour, we saw that he is working with Eric Renard and is storing a zombie army in shipping crates. This looks like we’re heading to a zombie-pocalypse, which can’t bode well for our resident Grimm. The pacing on the Baron story was perfect. Nick and Hank were occupied with trying to figure out how the dead were reanimating, but there was still plenty of time in the episode for the side stories. The integration of the Baron with the royal schism was even better because it brought the Wesen conflict into a larger story.

Juliette got a big reveal when Monroe, Rosalee and Bud showed her their true Wesen faces. Bud’s concern about scaring her and making Nick angry was endearing. With all the violence we see each week with the various Wesen, Bud and Rosalee provide a nice counterpoint with their gentle, fuzzy appearances. Juliette was largely unfazed, until she saw Monroe’s Blutbad identity. Even then, after a brief moment alone, Juliette powered through with the help of a little liquid courage. It was a refreshing change of pace to see Juliette not cowering in fear. The road to Juliette regaining her memory has been long and torturous. It has made me not enjoy her character and want her to be pushed to the periphery. The preview for next week’s season finale suggests my dream scenario is not going to happen. However, I’m not completely adverse to the idea that Juliette can redeem a season’s worth of whining by becoming a productive member of the team.

Adalind is still intent on selling her baby in order to get her Hexenbiest powers back. But has she aligned herself with the wrong person? Frau Pech warns her not to trust Stefania, which prompts Adalind to call and report this conversation to Stefania. Though she plays it cool, Stefania is beyond livid. From the sound of things, both women seem to want the baby due to its monetary value. But there must be more to it than this. Considering that Adalind looks like the least pregnant woman on the planet, it is unlikely that we are going to see the fruit of her labor this season. That means that the birth will likely be a key plot point next season. Adalind is one of those characters you gotta love to hate, so if this means she’ll have a bigger role next season that is fine by me.

I can’t wait to see how things are going to go down in the finale. The royal drama is starting to be intriguing. We know that the brothers are pitted against each other, but it would be useful to get more background on what that’s really all about. A face-off between Renard and Eric would be pretty spectacular. You have to wonder if Eric was out of the way if Renard would no longer be on Nick’s side.

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