Arrow Exclusive Interview: EP Andrew Kreisberg Talks Season Finale, Star-Crossed Lovers, and Gives Fans a Warning

Arrow season 1 finale - Sacrifice

The Arrow season 1 finale airs tonight, Wednesday, May 15 at 8pm on CW. This season has been one heck of a ride for fans and in our exclusive TV Equals interview, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says that the finale won’t be any different. Kreisberg teases what fans can expect in the episode, plus gives advice on what you should and should not do before sitting down to watch it. Check out our interview below.

What can you tease about the season finale?

Andrew Kreisberg: I can say that it all comes to a head. Everything has been building up to this: everything between Oliver, Tommy and Laurel, the final confrontation between Malcolm and Oliver, Oliver and Moira. Every scene in this episode is like a winner and we’re really excited about that.

From the preview photos, it looks like both Oliver and Diggle are in big trouble. Is everyone going to be in mortal danger in this finale?

Andrew Kreisberg: Yeah, obviously we know up until this point that Malcolm is planning leveling The Glades. The episode is called “Sacrifice” and everybody is sort of faced with making a sacrifice; whether it’s their career, their reputation, their love or even their lives. For us, the best finales are the ones where everybody is in danger and everybody has a choice to make and we certainly feel like we’ve fulfilled that.

Would you characterize the finale as a cliffhanger?

Andrew Kreisberg: It’s sort of both. There’s a definitive sense that this is the end of season one and the end of this chapter in Oliver Queen’s life. We do sort of think about it in comic book terms. But it definitely sets up what you’re going to be seeing in season two. So it should both feel like a satisfying conclusion, but then also “Oh my God! How the hell are they going to get out of this?” Let the summer debating begin.

I will be stalking the message boards (as soon as the episode is over). We watch the episodes on Wednesday nights with our twitter feeds and it’s fun for us to sort of experience it along with the fans and watch them have their expectations met or which lines they are funny. We actually use that a lot as we go on. I mean it’s definitely one of the reasons that Felicity has become such an integral part of the show. As much as we loved her, to see how much the audience loved her helps make her a season regular for season two.

What about the story on the island, is that one going to end in a cliffhanger as well?

Andrew Kreisberg: I think both stories end surprisingly. Both stories have a sense of closure.

Is there any particular moment in the finale that you’re dying for fans to see and can’t wait to watch their reactions on Twitter as it happens?

Andrew Kreisberg: Honestly it’s all throughout. When we first got the cut of this episode, it was 20 minutes too long and now it’s on time. We didn’t think there was anything we could possibly cut, so this episode moves along like a rocket ship. Every scene is all the things we’ve set up; Lance hearing Felicity’s name for the first time, Malcolm taking down Oliver, where we left things with Moira and Oliver, where we left things with Tommy, Oliver, and Laurel. So every scene feels epic, no matter who it is, no matter who it’s with. It’s one of those things where every time I go “Oh right, and then this happened!”

Do you have any advice for the fans as they get ready to sit down and watch the finale?

Andrew Kreisberg: I would not drink a lot of liquids. I would pee first. They should have tissues and a defibrillator at the ready. You’ll need both.

How would you describe what is happening with Oliver and Laurel in this episode?

Andrew Kreisberg: When we left the last episode, Oliver got back together with her because he thought that his mission was over. Obviously he jumped the gun and the repercussions of that are going to play out in the finale. Laurel and Oliver are sort of our star-crossed lovers and the best thing we can do is get them together, and get them apart, then get them together. This is going to be one stop along the way.

We were like, “What if they got together in episode 22?” and whenever we have one of those pitches and we’re like, “Well, then what are we going to do?” and if we don’t have the answer, we always know we should do it. Because if we don’t know how we’re going to get out of something then the audience won’t know either. Those storylines really kind of coalesce so we set up Oliver, Tommy and Laurel for maximum drama in the finale.

What is happening between Oliver and Tommy in the episode? Could they ever be friends again or is there just too much water under the bridge now?

Andrew Kreisberg: I think the way Tommy and Oliver play out in the season finale is going to surprise and shock people. The thing with Oliver and Tommy is we always keep shocking people. We had Tommy find out and then – rather than embrace it the way everyone else has – Tommy is the first person who knew the old Oliver who found out. Everyone else who found out, they didn’t meet Oliver until he came back from the island. One of the most interesting things for us as writers, and I think for the audience, is seeing someone who knew Oliver all of his life really have trouble handling what Oliver has become. Then you throw in the complication of them both loving the same girl. But I think the way things play out in the finale is both surprising and true. You won’t be able to look back and say, “Wow, he was lying.”

Don’t forget to check out the Arrow season finale tonight at 8pm on the CW.

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