The Job Lot Series 1 Episode 3 (ITV) Review

The Job Lot’s third episode continues the downward spiral started last week, and emerged even less funny. There was a lot of promise shown in the show’s premiere, but sadly that promise has been squandered ever since – there’s still time for things to turn around, but for now it seems mediocrity is all we’re going to get.

Most of the action centred on the toxic rivalry between Trish and Angela as pressure in the workplace is turned up to eleven. With a local factory shut down and an army of former employees clambering to sign on, everyone has their work cut out. There was potential for a nice bottle episode here, and there are hints at it with the need for employees to stay late and the long waiting time for those signing on, but the structure of the show isn’t altered much at all.

There’s some comedy value in Karl’s roaring hangover, which he foolishly chooses to medicate with gallons of own brand energy drink. Ignoring the warnings about what those drinks can do to your digestive system, he ends up wheeling himself along a very long queue to the toilet for the rest of the episode. What happened to Karl? Wasn’t he supposed to be the character who commented on graduate prospects (or lack thereof)? Instead we get to watch him turn up to work hungover, which is kind of counterproductive if you ask me.

Then there’s Angela’s disturbingly pornographic website, which just induced crushing embarrassment rather than the laughs I’m sure the writers were hoping for. I suppose the reason I feel so indifferent to The Job Lot is because it could have been something special but instead has devolved into another meaningless half-hour distraction. There’s always room on the schedules for this kind of brainless entertainment, but setting a sitcom in a job centre in 2013 suggested there might also be something deeper going on.

What did you think of the episode? Do you want the show to dig deeper or are you happy with it the way it is? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.