Revolution Season 1 Review “The Longest Day”

Revolution Episode 17 The Longest Day (1)

I’m not entirely sure why this week’s episode of Revolution is titled ‘The Longest Day’ because it seemed to go quite quickly, for both audience and the characters. That aside, it was an episode of two halves. One was fairly strong and one featured Aaron and Rachel.

We might as well start with those two since they this episode picks up where last week’s left off. It turned out that Rachel didn’t have a clue why Aaron was featured in the notebook, and he was similarly baffled, despite there being a glaring clue in the headline. If Aaron doesn’t walk into the tower and see a variation of his software up on Grace’s computer screens, I’ll eat my crossbow.

The situation with Rachel’s leg was remedied fairly easily: she used Danny’s nanites. I’d spent the weeks since his death assuming that the little device Rachel took from his chest was just a power source of some kind, but nope, it actually contains the nanites too. They had to be re-coded — television coding: never any typos — but they fixed her leg up in seconds. There was a bit more plot involving some townsfolk seeing and wanting them to fix an injured teenager, but that had no bearing on anything really.

The main question raised by infodump!Rachel this week was this: if the nanites fixed Danny’s lungs, and were coded to keep his lungs healthy, then why did he still have asthma? The first time we saw him he was having an asthma attack! Oh, Revolution, are you trolling us? I suspect you are.

The better part of this episode featured crazypants Monroe having the rebels bombed by remotely operated drones. With his men severely cut down, Miles had only one concern: finding Charlie. Norah, in possibly her best move of the season, distracted the soldiers so that Miles could get to Charlie. Norah being captured and taken before Monroe was an unexpected bonus.

But it wasn’t Miles’ concern for Charlie which made the A plot so good this week: it was Jason and Neville, and to a lesser extent, Jason and Charlie. I loved that Neville went to save his son to keep his wife sweet. Was he lying about that? Perhaps. Perhaps Neville really does care about his son, but it says a lot about him as a man that he didn’t admit to it, even when his son — and then he — was injured. Neville is easily the best character on the show right now, with the possible exception of Monroe, who yet again killed an ally after growing unduly suspicious of him. (Update: still no word on Monroe’s possible son. What was the point of that reveal?!)

The romance between Charlie and Jason at the end of the episode was surprisingly good, especially since Revolution isn’t very good at romantic entanglements overall. Here were two young characters getting together after almost an entire season, with no love triangles and no fuss. With any luck they will stay triangle and fuss free until the end of the season at the very least. (Let us give thanks for the Revolution-verse not having any vampires or werewolves…)

Overall, a pretty good episode — especially if you ignore Rachel and Aaron.

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