‘Revenge’ Season 2: And That’s A Wrap

Revenge Season 2 Episodes 21 and 22 Truth (1)

Sunday night’s episode of Revenge was its two-hour season finale and boy! the show did not disappoint at least in terms of rapid story development.

But, first let’s dispense with this warning: If you have yet to watch the final airing of ‘Revenge’, please tread lightly as there are major spoilers on the way.

The episode started right where last week’s episode left off – the aftermath of the black-out caused by Aiden (Barry Sloane) and Nolan (Gabriel Mann) siphoning the money out of the Amanda Clarke Foundation in the hopes of bankrupting the Grayson’s. Their plan did not work as they had hoped because the Grayson’s did not lose any money (more on that shortly) and Nolan’s Carrion program came on line allowing the Initiative (more on that shortly too) to create even more problems.

While the action in the first hour of the finale was a bit lackluster, Emily (Emily VanCamp) did discover Takeda’s dead body as well as a mysterious “Infinity” box of his own, containing the picture of a woman (actually his fiancée) who turned out to be on doomed Flight 197 (the plane Emily’s dad was convicted of bringing down all those years ago). And, soon enough, Emily figures it out that Aiden killed Takeda and that if he had not taken their sensei’s life, he would have ended theirs. Great father figure, right?!

The viewers also learned during the black-out that Regina (guest star Seychelle Gabriel) has an unhealthy obsession with Charlotte (Christa B. Allen); one that Charlotte’s boyfriend (and baby daddy) Declan (Connor Paolo) quickly tried to warn Charlotte about to little avail (more on that shortly too).

As the first hour came to a close, the revelation of Charlotte’s unplanned pregnancy spread around quickly with Victoria (Madeline Stowe) finding her daughter’s disposed-of pregnancy test and Declan learning the news from Conrad (Henry Czerny) and Jack heading off to presumably meet Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) at Grayson Global to retrieve Amanda’s laptop, containing the proof of the duplicitous Graysons; but as we know Emily throw that puppy into the ocean.

The final seconds of that hour played out a disaster at Grayson Global; the black-out was a decoy for a bomb to be placed on the top floor of the business (in the hopes of presumably killing Jack – or so Conrad made it later seem).

Seconds after the bomb explodes, soon-to-be governor Grayson takes a stance (with cameras conveniently pointed at him) wanting to help all those injured while Emily frantically works her way inside the bombed building (yes, she is THAT crazy?!) to find Jack. As it turns out, Jack wasn’t trapped inside (he received a life-saving message from Nolan just in time) but rather his little brother Declan, who ultimately (major spoiler alert!!) dies at the hospital after being pulled from the wreckage with irreparable damage to his heart.

You see, Jack was going to be used as a patsy (just like David Clarke) with the bombing of Grayson Global and Aiden was also going to be the patsy for the bombing because of the missing funds; but thanks to a few interesting keystrokes by the now incarcerated Falcon and a video made by recently departed Padma (Dilshad Vadsaria) [seemingly under duress while she was kidnapped] that implicates Nolan, everyone’s favorite computer whiz is in some pretty serious trouble.

Oh, and that whole money issue for the Graysons and the Initiative; well remember when Conrad was in prison? Well, he made a deal with the now dead Helen (guest star Wendy Crewson) that not only got him out of jail (basically) free, but also lined him up with a bunch of corporate bigwigs who profit from catastrophes just like Flight 197 and the Grayson Global bombing (there is no Initiative really just them and now Conrad too). Great, right?

So, that means the Graysons walk away even richer than before, Aiden is somehow off the hook; Nolan is in over his head with the feds and Jack is out for revenge even more than before.

As the final scenes play out, Victoria is paid a visit at the Grayson mansion by her as-yet-to-be-seen (but clearly heard) missing son Patrick; Daniel (Josh Bowman) and Aiden have a beat-down at Emily’s place with Daniel being the one who walked away from that confrontation (didn’t hurt that a gun was dislodged from Emily’s desk as her two lovers went toe-to-toe with each other) and Jack is out for blood against Conrad, pointing a gun at the governor-elect as he gives his acceptance’s speech before a packed crowd with Emily getting in Jack’s way, finally telling him the truth – something that “deep down he has (probably) known all along” – that she is (major spoiler alter) Amanda Clark!!

Thankfully for fans ‘Revenge’ has been picked up for a third season by ABC, returning this fall with new episodes that will give us answers as to what happened to Aiden, what did Daniel do to him, what will happen to Nolan, how will Charlotte react to the news of Declan’s death (which her mother is keeping her in the dark about), what kind of havoc will Patrick create for the Graysons and, most of all, how will Jack react to Emily’s huge revelation?

So many questions, right? Well, let’s hope that executive producer Sunil Nayar, who is taking over the reins of showrunner from series creator Mike Kelley next season, will be up to the task of wielding this addictive, dense story with all its plot twists and turns. Until next season!!