Once Upon A Time Season 2: 5 Burning Questions for Season 3

After a long and winding year that took us everywhere from a curse ravaged Enchanted Forest to the bustling streets of New York, Once Upon a Time‘s sophomore season ended Sunday with the extended Charming family setting sail for another new locale: Neverland. Shipping off its primary characters for an uncharted land was a very cool and very bold move for the series and making Peter Pan a potential evil mastermind was even cooler. The only bad thing about the finale was that it marked the beginning of a long summer hiatus wherein we’ll have nothing to do but ponder the copious amount of questions that won’t be answered until season three (and daydream about our forthcoming midseason trip to Wonderland).

With that in mind we might as well embrace our fates and start contemplating the answers to five of the most pressing lingering questions from season two right now:

1. Why does Peter Pan want Henry?

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 22 And Straight On 'Til Morning (1)

Did anyone see the Peter Pan as the big bad reveal coming? It seems the mischievous boy who wished to never grow up is far more malevolent than Disney made him out to be and he’s had his sights set on young Henry since (way) before he was born. The question is why? Could it be because Peter knows Henry is destined to be Rumple’s undoing? Rumple made it clear that he’s encountered Peter before. Or maybe Peter’s interest in Henry suggests that the boy is more powerful and important than the series has let on? The kid does come with an impeccable magical pedigree, after all.

On a related note: is Peter Pan seriously the head of Tamara and Greg’s mysterious “home office”? If so, that pesky shadow is quite the puppet master (no offense, August).

2. Is Storybrooke really safe?

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 20 The Evil Queen (9)

Rumple left Belle with a handy dandy cloaking spell, but will that really be enough to stop more anti-magic zealots from descending on the town? The townspeople had better hope so because with the entire Charming brood, Regina and Rumple all off searching for the kidnapped Henry, Storybrooke’s best line of defense is Granny and her bow and arrow.

Then again, maybe we shouldn’t be worried about the left behind denizens of Storybrooke at all right now. There’s a good chance that we won’t be spending much time in Storybrooke next season given the fact that our primary characters are either on their way to Neverland or stuck in the Enchanted Forest (I don’t know about you, but I’m okay with that). If that’s the case, we can put a pin in this question at least until the Charmings return to find Dreamy and company being experimented on by a bunch of scientists with an affinity for electroshock therapy.

3. How will Neal find his way back to Emma and Henry?

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 21 Second Star to the Right (18)

Admit it; you got teary when Emma and Neal were ripped away from one another by that pesky portal. Even though the series failed to sell anyone on the idea that Neal was dead (come on, why would anyone in their right mind kill off Michael-Raymond James?), the duo’s heartfelt declaration of love was quite the tearjerker. Now Neal is stuck in what’s left of the Enchanted Forest with no way of knowing that his son was given a one way ticket to Neverland (but at least he gets to hang with the cool kids).

How is he going to find his way back to his family? And more importantly, how is Once Upon a Time going to top that portal scene?

4. Will Regina’s redemption last?

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 21 Second Star to the Right (12)

Season two was a weird year for Regina. One week she was ready to reform for the sake of her son, the next she was erasing his memory. She’s been good, she’s been evil, and in one of the finale’s most touching moments she pleaded with Emma to just let her be Regina. The last we saw of her she was on the Jolly Roger with all of the people she dislikes the most in the world in order to help save Henry. The only question is, how far out to sea will she make it before Snow and company annoy her so much that she starts turning them all into toads and tossing them overboard?

5. When will the prophecy come to pass?

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 14 Manhattan (7)

I was convinced we would we see some prophecy action by the end of season two, but aside from Rumple surreptitiously attempting to murder Henry in the finale’s cold open, we saw little movement on the “undoing” front.

I must admit, I can’t wait to see how this story plays out. Did Rumple seal his fate by boarding Hook’s vessel? Is Peter going to turn Henry into a weapon to be used against the Dark One? These are the questions that are going to keep me up at night for the next three months.


Now it’s your turn: What questions will you be pondering during the hiatus? Were you satisfied with the finale? With the season as a whole? Share you thoughts in the comments!

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