‘Castle’ Season 5: The Watershed Moment

Castle Season 5 Episode 24 Watershed (1)

How convenient that the season finale of the 5th season of Castle was entitled “Watershed”, right? The episode is a critical turning point for several reasons:

1. Kate (series lead Stana Katic) interviewed for that elite job with the Attorney General in Washington, DC and just might be working her last case with the New York Police Department;

2. Alexis (series regular Molly Quinn) is going to be heading to Costa Rica on a humanitarian effort; one that has daddy dearest Rick (series lead Nathan Fillion) overly concerned especially given what happened to his beloved daughter in Paris [need we revisit that horrific time for Alex, let’s not, okay?!];

3. The team lands an interesting case of a dead girl found inside a water tank (or watershed) for a run-down apartment building in a more seedy part of the city; and, of course,

4. Rick soon learns about Kate interviewing for that DC job, which could jeopardize their relationship and future. [Oh boy!]

But first, let’s take a look at the case of the dead girl in the water tank: She is believed to be a prostitute named Crystal Sky. As it turns out, though, she is actually an honor student from Harvard (yep, from Harvard) named Erika, who was to be on a trip of a lifetime in Europe (cue Rick getting concerned about Alexis’ welfare on her upcoming trip to Costa Rica), but was actually living in that run-down apartment, pretending to be a prostitute, in order to access the building’s wi-fi so she could hack into files of a big-shot law firm. You see she is studying computer science at college and is using her hacking skills to find out the truth behind the suspicious death of her best friends at (spoiler alert) the hands of a powerful local politician, who used his black sheep of a brother to off not only the best friend but also Erika.

Halfway through the episode, of course, Castle discovers a boarding pass to DC that fell out of the pocket of Kate’s jacket; and that sets into motion a “what do we do now” moment for both of them. Does Kate take the job? Where will this lead their relationship? Can Rick forgive Kate for not telling him about it? Will Kate actually leave New York and take the job in DC?

As Kate works out the intricacies of the case, and later seeks out advice from her dad, it is made clear to Detectives Ryan and Esposito (series regulars Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas) that something isn’t right between their colleagues Beckett and Castle; but there is only so much they can do since they are not privy to all the details of Kate’s new job offer. But one little glimmer of good news is that Ryan and wife Jenny are going to be parents (congrats!).

In the end, Rick gives Alexis the money to go on her humanitarian trip, hoping and believing that she will be fine and later meets up with Kate in the park. And, how fitting that they talk to each other at the swing set that was a key scene in last season’s finale when Kate finally went to Rick’s apartment, admitting her feelings to him that led us right to this very critical watershed moment – see what I just did there?!

It is the big moment that fans have been waiting for (for sure) and it didn’t disappoint. While the final scene wasn’t overly climatic (like when Kate got shot) or overly romantic (like when Kate showed up soaking wet for a night of sex with Rick); but it was emotional and tender all the same.

Let’s allow the words of Rick Castle (via the writers of ‘Castle’, of course) and Kate Beckett say it all:

Kate: “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have kept secrets”.

Rick: “It’s who you are, you don’t let people in”.

[PAUSE – while our heartbeats accelerate]

Rick: “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about us, what we have, where we’re headed. I’ve decided that I want more. We both deserve more”.

Kate: “I agree”…

Rick: “So whatever happens…whatever you decide… (at this point he kneels down and holds a ring out to Kate, saying) Katherine Houghton Beckett — will you marry me”?

Cue the big cliffhanger until next fall!!!

So ‘Castle’ fans – what did you think of the 5th season finale? Were you expecting that proposal at the end? Do you think Kate will take the job in DC instead? What will happen for the team if Kate leaves? How will Kate and Rick make their relationship work if she does leave? Will Alexis come back a changed women (for the better) after her big trip? Will we hear the pitter patter of little feet next season for Ryan and his wife Jenny? Will we ever see Javier and Lanie (series regular Tamala Jones) back as a couple? What do you want to see next season? Please share your thoughts for season 6 of ‘Castle’ below.