2 Broke Girls Season 2 Review “And the Window of Opportunity”

On the season finale of “2 Broke Girls”, as one door closed, another door was opened- or should I say window? In “And the Window of Opportunity”, I must say the show found a way to have its cupcake and eat it, too, as it were. When the show spent a good portion of the season with the girls dividing their time between the diner and their cupcake shop, it was a somewhat dubious proposition, and was a pretty hit-or-miss endeavor, all things considered.

I’ve got to hand it to the writers, though; they found a genius way to make it work in their favor. By allowing the girls a way to keep their dreams alive and keep the diner setting to boot, they effectively killed off the issues with the previous location. As much as I got a kick out of the whole Candy Andy thing, the change-of-location just never quite jelled as much as it should have. It might have taken some creative thinking to pull it off, but damned if they didn’t do it. Nicely done.

Basically, the whole thing started with Han panicking over an impending health inspection. Max was understandably dubious of the diner’s prospects: “This diner getting an ‘A’ for cleanliness would be like me getting an ‘A’ for bra size.”

Even Earl got into the action, cleaning up his area, only to find an unexpected treasure trove: “I’ve got decades of napkins over here with all my old ideas on them. Apparently, napkins were the old Twitter.”

Han assumed the inspector would be a male and had Caroline doll herself up- and tried to send Max packing, but it turned out to be a female. Caroline couldn’t resist giving Han a jab: “Han, I think that health inspector wants to inspect you.” Han was alarmed: “Stop! If she hears you, she’ll give me an ‘F’.” Max chimed in: “I think she wants you to give her an ‘F’.”

Hoping to raise money for a self-help type seminar, the girls decide to have a yard sale, enlisting Sophie to bring over some junk to aid them in their cause. Sophie comes over, but seems empty-handed. “Hey Sophie!” Caroline asked. “Where’s all your junk?” Sophie didn’t miss a beat: “Where it always is- in my trunk.”

Sophie confessed that she was having issues with Oleg, who was overstaying his welcome in all the wrong places: “The man is just up there too much. I mean, he’s down there when he’s up there, but yeah, it’s way too much.”

The wackiest interlude of the show came courtesy of one Dennis Endicott the III, aka “The Lord of the Things”, and his wife, Miss Trudy, who looked pretty adorable in her Scooby-Doo print dress, while Dennis looked like a combination of a funeral director and a pimp, which is one hell of a combination, if you think about it. He made the girls an offer they could refuse- or at least Max could, as he tried to buy her beloved collection of McDonald’s memorabilia.

Dennis wasn’t thrilled, taking it out on poor Miss Trudy: “When we get home, you better put on the punishment pillow.” Trudy said, with a wink to the girls: “Don’t worry, I kind of like it.” Max was thoroughly freaked out by the encounter: “So much for a horse in a hat being the weirdest thing in this yard.”

The next day brought the inspection results: “Attention, attention! I have something very important here,” shouted Han. Max replied, in the strangest joke of the night: “The results of your DNA test proving your mother was Asian and your father was a pine nut?”

Alas, Han got a ‘B’ on the inspection, which would not do in his eyes: “I’m going to kill someone!” Said Max: “Why, did they cancel ‘The Suite Life of Zack & Cody’?”

The reason was that there was a hidden room that was clocked off that the HI couldn’t get to, which Max hoped would be linked to a nearby bar: “If we share a door with a bar, my breaks are about to get longer and drunker.” It actually turned out to be a pretty sizable room, albeit filled with junk, which the girls ultimately volunteered to clean out for money.

Han was skeptical, saying that the room would need to be steam-cleaned. Max assured him she knew how to do just that: “I’ve steam-cleaned before. I mean, how else do you get malt liquor and bloodstains out of a rented prom dress?”

Meanwhile, Oleg and Sophie had only gotten worse, with Oleg looking a bit out of sorts- or maybe that was just the hairnet, and the beard-net, and the other net which dare not speak its name. “You kind of look like Bin Laden’s ghost,” opined Max, not unreasonably. Caroline told him Sophie felt smothered. Oleg was incredulous: “She feels smothered? Have you ever tried motor-boating those cans of hers?” Naturally, Max had: “Once, but I was drunk at the time.”

Oleg had had enough, and tore off his clothes, stripping down to his underwear and announcing to anyone who would listen: “I’m back, baby! Spread the word!” Said Max: “I think he’s going to be spreading more than the word.” True that.

Back to the room later, the girls were getting on each others’ last nerves, fighting an uphill battle cleaning up the place. Caroline: “Ugh. It’s so humid and damp in here. Now I know how balls feel.” Max wasn’t faring much better, feeling wet and miserable from the steam-cleaning sprayers: “There’s only one kind of wet that I’ve ever been at three in the morning that I’d call fun and this is not it.”

Eventually the cleaning becomes rough-housing, with the girls spraying each other and going off on each other for their various perceived faults, when Max reaches out for a cord and gets herself electrocuted. Thankfully, it’s a relatively minor injury and Caroline is able to resuscitate Max after she passes out: “I always knew I’d be electrocuted. I just thought it would be in the chair.”

Needing some air, Caroline pulls open a window, only to realize it folds out and onto the street, much like a drive-through window, only onto the street. When a guy walks up trying to buy something, Max gets an idea: why not make the room into the new location for their cupcake shop?

Caroline is thrilled: “You’re a genius!” Max confirms: “I just might be since I died.” Sophie walks up and sees the girls and asks which car is his, having found out he “cheated” on her. She then proceeds to smash his window to pieces with a hammer. Caroline sums it all up perfectly: “Well, some people open windows, some people smash them.”

So, a nice one to go out on, to be sure. I love the idea of the girls opening their store right in the diner, or rather, diner-adjacent. That ensures that we get to keep interacting with the central cast, which was always the inherent problem with the old location. Yet, it also is separate enough that the girls could eventually buy it out from Han so that it was truly theirs and not just on loan and stay in their neighborhood in the process. I like it.

What did you think of the “2 Broke Girls” season finale? Are you also glad the girls will be essentially staying put? Are you sad Sophie and Oleg went their separate ways, or do you think they’ll find their way back to one another? (I think it will be fun seeing Oleg on the prowl for a stint, at least in the short term.) Looking forward to what they’ll do in the next season?

Let me know what you think in the comments section!