The Cleveland Show Season 4 Review “Mr. & Mrs. Brown”

On the second of two episodes of “The Cleveland Show,” we got a Mother’s Day-themed episode, entitled “Mr. & Mrs. Brown” after the decidedly iffy lengths Cleveland goes to make his mother’s country club dreams come true. But first, we started with a little bit of football in the park for Cleveland, which did not end well, not in the least because, as Donna adeptly pointed out: “You can’t keep up with those guys. You get winded opening your email.”

As he recuperates back at the homestead, his parents walk in to see him covered nearly head to toe with frozen foods to heal his aches and pains. Freight Train, in particular, is not amused: “I knew one day I’d walk in here and see you on the couch covered in someone’s meat.” But, as he needs a favor, LeVar pushes forward past the unfortunate sight before him: “I need you to take your mama to some country club. They gone be hobnobbing and cob-gobbling, so naturally, I thought of you.” LOL.

So, it’s off to the Silver Sunset Society for Cleveland and his mom, where the head elder in charge, Mr. Neighbors (Stephen Root), mistakes them for a couple. Things are going so well, they don’t correct him and before long they’re being asked to join, after Cleveland proved more luckier at the likes of badminton and croquet than football. (Nice to hear some Onyx, BTW!) Thrilled to have reclaimed some of his manhood, he and his mother kick back at a nearby hotel, after the Club offers to put them up for the night after having one too many.

Cleveland: “How did I get so lucky to come out of a woman like you?”
Cookie: “Don’t be low-rent, sweetie.”

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! Well, in typical “you can’t go home again” fashion, things sour pretty quickly, as “Mrs. Brown” gets a little too up in Cleveland’s business, including cooking his favorite meal one too many times, and interrupting his sports: “That was the end of the game, Mrs. Brown! And you can’t pause a 1975 Zenith!”

Meanwhile, after stealing a candy bar and refusing to confess, Donna grounds Rallo, along with everyone else, until someone comes forward to admit they did it. The lying takes its toll on poor Rallo, who eventually throws poor Cleveland Junior under the bus for his crime, and starts to feel the pressure of guilt weighing over him, taking it out on a friend. As he tosses a pair of toy keys and Monopoly money at him, Rallo shouts: “I’m done playing with you! Clean up the sandbox and drive yourself home! You make me sick!”

CJ isn’t exactly forgiving when Rallo comes to bed later on. He finds him, head shaved, teardrop tattoo on his face, and brandishing a frightening new demeanor: “You’ll sleep on the floor,” he shouts at Rallo, when he asks if he can sleep on the top bunk, “Cause you my bitch now!” Perhaps needless to say, a confession comes soon thereafter.

Back at the Club, Cleveland attempts to duck out of a Ball, much to his mother’s chagrin: “What! I can’t go to the Ball alone! I ain’t Sandy Bullocks!” (I don’t know why, but the plural-ization of Sandra Bullock’s name combined with the Sandy nickname cracked me up to no end.)

Cookie opts to go it alone anyway, despite her protests, but Cleveland has a change of heart and shows up, but then screw everything up by admitting that he’s actually Cookie’s son, not her husband: “Settle down! It’s not what you think! I mean, have we shared a bed lately? Sure.” The audience groans and Mr. Neighbors almost blows a gasket: “Why you’re nothing more than a dirty rotten mother lover!”

Cleveland does his best to fend off the riled crowd, but to no avail: “This guy knows what I’m talking about. He came with his mom.” Man in crowd: “That’s my wife!” Cleveland: “Ugh. That’s sick!” Mr. Neighbors does relent, but for a price: 6,000 dollars. But then Cleveland makes him an offer he can’t refuse: “Would you accept an unintentionally used and toothy seamstress mannequin?” Says Neighbors, without missing a beat: “Please, and yes, thank you!” Eep!

Then Cleveland realizes he’s been neglecting Donna all this time and rushes home to make it up to her, but she’s already out-the-door, rom-com style, leaving her own mother behind to break the news that she’s off to Paris. He makes his way to the airport, as the chick-rock classic “Total Eclipse of the Heart” plays out, and makes it there all too late…but it turns out Donna decided to stay at the last minute.

Cleveland apologies profusely, pointing out the obvious error of his ways: “As much as I love her (his mother), I can’t have sex with her. Donna, you’re my wife, and there’s nothing I can do about that.” Donna sighs: “Oh, Cleveland. So, you’re done dating your mom?” Cleveland confirms, and Donna hugs him: “Good. Then I won’t have to run off with your dad.” Cue LeVar, popping out from behind a pillar, as Donna shrugs him off…wa-wa.

So, definitely the better of the two episodes that aired that night, and with a much stronger B-story-line this time. I definitely got a kick out of Cleveland and his mom’s antics, and Rallo’s breakdown was also good for a few laughs. All in all, a pretty solid episode and a fittingly perverse Mother’s Day homage. Leave it to Cleveland to go where few shows have gone before with their mothers!

What did you think of “The Cleveland Show”? Did you get a kick out of “Mr. & Mrs. Brown”? Did you laugh at “prison” CJ? How about Stephen Root’s brilliant voice work as Neighbors? Definitely one of the funnier episodes this season, I’m happy to say. Only two more to go!

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