Nurse Jackie Season 5 “Good Thing” Review

This week’s episode of Nurse Jackie began with the mystery of what was in Jackie’s gym bag. Was it gym clothes used in Jackie’s effort to be a good role model for her daughter? Come on, it was clear that was not the truth. Thanks to some detective work by Zoey, we learn that Jackie has a few dresses in the bag in anticipation of her date with Frank. Awww.

Of course, Zoey couldn’t keep Jackie’s date a secret and before we knew it, even Eddie was telling her not to be nervous. That was a little odd and unexpected, but I’m glad that Eddie appeared to take the news well. Even the horrible, incompetent Carrie got in on date-gate by offering Jackie some lipstick. I suppose if Carrie actually has a clue about anything, it is about the art of seducing (and using) men.

Zoey was quite the jack of all trades this week. She got to the bottom of Jackie’s gym bag (literally) and managed to save a baby from a woman who came into the delivery room pregnant and shot.

The real mystery this season surrounding Gloria’s health continued. This time, Gloria’s memory lapses were brought center stage because of some suture kits she forgot to order. Prenitss confronts Jackie about Gloria’s increased episodes of absent mindedness and just when it looked like all hope was lost, Gloria comes to the aid of patient by catching a fracture on the x-ray of a dancer that Prentiss missed. Last week she saved an abused woman and this week a dancer – what is really going on with Gloria?

I was wondering if we’d see Mike Cruz again this season, particularly after it was revealed that Jackie was leaving Charlie messages on his voicemail. With some help from Zoey and Thor, Jackie gets ready for her date and even gets a good luck hug from Eddie. I’m liking Eddie more and more with each episode this season.

Jackie’s date with Frank is interrupted by a call from Mike Cruz, who was in the same restaurant. Mike revealed that he missed his son tremendously and that he couldn’t get rid of Charlie’s phone. Of course, he’s heard all of Jackie’s messages. Mike has not sought any professional help and a comforting hug from Jackie escalated into sex. I always thought there was sexual tension between the two last season and really didn’t expect that it would happen after the way things ended between the two.

We’ll have to wait to see the ramifications of Jackie’s unexpected tryst with Mike because the evening was interrupted by a number of urgent calls from Grace. Grace left her boyfriend after he got high and inattentive. She bailed on the date and found herself the object of unwanted attention from a group of guys on her way home. Thank goodness Jackie finally saw the missed calls and rushed to pick up Grace. I can’t even imagine how awful Kevin would have been had something happened to Grace.

First dates, unexpected sex and a troubled daughter – this week’s episode of Nurse Jackie packed a lot into 30 short minutes. For the first time this season, I’m actually highly anticipating what happens next – especially with Cruz. What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off below!