Mike & Molly Season 3 Review “School Recital”

Mike & Molly opened with a funny scene of Officer Biggs paying Molly’s classroom a visit after school. While there, Mike tries to scare Molly’s trouble making student straight during his weekly detention. The two leave to go shopping where Molly becomes discouraged over starting a family after every woman they see at the store is either pregnant or on their third child. Molly doesn’t like a bragger! The disastrous situation leads to Mike yelling at Vince while Molly shares with Joyce that she is depressed over the thought that they could end up like one of those couples that dress similar and sit on the same side of the bench at Denny’s.

Carl’s eggs and hot sauce demonstration was a bit much, but it had Mike thinking of other possibilities until he he finds out how much in vitro fertilization cost. The expensive procedure has him anxious to start a family and after sharing that he wants a daughter with Carl, his seat at the school recital was perfect. Mike finds himself sitting next to a little girl with a doll. Victoria ends the cute scene quick when she sits down, ranting and raving about how Molly’s a b**ch! The little girl knows how to spell.

Meanwhile, Molly is back stage directing the kids through the recital when she is unexpectedly kissed by the piano man. He finds Molly attractive and great with the kids. The moment takes Molly’s mind off of starting a family. She also seems to put things in perspective, happy about Mike and not at all worried about whether or not she’s ovulating.

Adding to the perfect ending, Supernatural’s Jim Beaver shows up to the diner to meet up with his friend Vince. The two arm wrestle and call each other names while Mike watches on in disbelief that he has given Vince money to fund his latest crazy venture.