Continuum Season 2 Review “Second Skin”

It’s been full steam ahead on Continuum season two so far, but this fourth episode, ‘Second Skin’ took some time to reflect on Keira’s current state of mind when she finds a fellow traveler from her own time. Elena was also transported back in the blast, but to 1975 instead of 2012, and Keira saw how happy her life could be if she decided to accept the present instead of wishing for a family who may never exist at all. Liber8 were also making a nuisance of themselves, but their parallel search for Elena’s misplaced suit took a back seat to Kiera’s more personal mission.

To be honest, with everything else going on, I often find myself forgetting the important drive within her character – a desperate need to get home to her husband and son – so I was glad that the show hasn’t discarded this rather unique character trait. Young women in science-fiction don’t often get to have husbands, let alone children, so it’s refreshing to see the writers maintaining this despite the obvious temptation to get her romantically involved with the countless eligible bachelors on the show.

Alec spend the hour trying desperately to establish a semblance of normality despite his 24-hour sidekick gig and the dark future as an evil genius that’s been hanging over him– not your average 18-year-olds worries – and he even manages to get coffee with a real-life girl at the end of the episode. Do we think that Emily is just what she seems? I hope so for the sake of Alec’s darkening soul, but am always suspicious of random love interests – there has to be something more to her if the show is spending precious time developing their relationship. This isn’t a soap opera, after all.

We’re also introduced to Rex, a random sci-fi geek (I loved the wedding!) who comes into possession of Elena’s unused suit and, once he notices it’s unexplainable powers, starts to believe that he can become a hero himself. I thought there was just enough of his story to justify its presence amidst the main action and, while a lot of shows have tried this trick of putting an ordinary person in their already established world, I thought it was an interesting choice for Continuum to make the episode half-and-half, with Keira’s story only colliding with Rex’s at the last second.

And I have to say that Rachel Nichols is still blowing me away every single week. The episode’s final moment, with Keira quietly grieving in Carlos’ arms, was really lovely and served to underline the distinctively platonic bond the two of them have. If the writers ever decide to have the partners develop romantic feelings for each other then I’m going to have to write an angry letter. My only wish for dear, loyal Carlos is that he’s clued in on the big secret this season. I’m almost certain that he’ll be an asset to Keira’s team once he knows everything, and I can’t see the show dragging this thread out for much longer without it becoming silly.

What did you think of the episode? How long will Keira be able to dodge Gardiner’s questions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.