Vegas Season 1 Review “Unfinished Business”

A few thoughts about “Unfinished Business”:

It didn’t take Gainsley long to figure out that Savino had ratted him out to the FBI. Savino used Gainsley’s desperate position to force him to give up his shares in The Tumbleweed, and Savino considered the matter closed. Gainsley did not. First, he murdered his attorney that told Savino about the money and tried to make it look like Savino had done it. Naturally, Ralph didn’t buy it though. So next, Gainsley set off a bomb at The Tumbleweed, almost killing Vince and Lena in the process. Vince wanted to go to war, but Chicago wouldn’t give him the go ahead.

You really need to be careful who you get into business with. Vince made a bad (albeit necessary) choice when he got into business with Porter Gainsley. Vince’s big mistake is that he underestimated Gainsley. For a guy who believes himself to be so smart, he sure does keep making the same stupid mistake. He got to Las Vegas and decided that Ralph was just a backwoods, hick cowboy but that’s obviously not the case. When he decided to double-cross Gainsley, he made the same assumption. I don’t know why he would do that though. He should’ve learned from his interactions with Ralph that just because the people there are ranchers doesn’t mean that their idiots.

Meanwhile, Katherine was investigating Gainsley’s involvement in all of the unfortunate happenings around town. She found out that Gainsley was using a phony company to buy up land around town and to pay off ranchers with that account. She also discovered that the man on the books as the company CEO was actually a retiree with some mental issues. As soon as Katherine put everything together, her car was run off the road leaving her in a coma. At about the same time, Ralph discovered that Gainsley had killed his wife Marilyn. Apparently, while Ralph was off at war, Gainsley sought to buy up a bunch of ranches but Marilyn wouldn’t sell hers. So Gainsley killed her in the same way that he attempted to kill Katherine. Needless to say, Ralph wasn’t pleased about how any of that went down. Ralph went after Gainsley, but it was to no avail. Gainsley is too well-connected. The next thing Ralph knew, he was getting a call from the state attorney general informing him that he was no longer the sheriff.

It seemed pretty stupid of Gainsley to get Lamb removed as the sheriff. I mean, did he really think that was going to make Lamb less of a threat? Lamb was actually much more dangerous after he was stripped of his position. Not only that, he was angry and desperate. That’s a very bad combination because it always leads to very poor decisions. And Ralph made a bad one. He chose to partner with Savino to take down Gainsley. Granted, the two of them had a common enemy, but still. Partnering with Vince isn’t going to work out well because that’s just not who Ralph is. I think he’s absolutely justified in being angry about Gainsley killing his wife. And Ralph being a man of action, it makes sense that he wants to go kamikaze on Gainsley. But Ralph is also a good man who usually tries to do the right thing. This is not the right thing, and when push comes to shove, I have a feeling that Ralph will make the right choice, not the easy one.

Jack also ran into some issues with Mia. He took her out to the desert to show her some land that he wanted to buy for the two of them, but Mia didn’t seem too interested. Jack loves her and she loves him, but they are from two different worlds. Jack is a cowboy who is in his element out on the ranch. Mia, on the other hand, is a big city girl who is more in her element running things at The Savoy. I don’t think Jack is trying to change her so much as he’s trying to save her. The problem is, she doesn’t want to be saved. And unfortunately for Jack, he didn’t understand that. She likes the power and prestige that comes with being hooked up with the mob, but she won’t admit that to Jack or to herself. There was also something else compounding the issues. Mia was being romanced by the weiner in charge of entertainment at The Savoy. Although I don’t like him, he made a valid point when he said that Jack and Mia are from two different worlds. I really hope it comes to blows between Jack and the weiner becaue I want Jack to hook him up.

This was a pretty solid episode and set up some pretty interesting situations for the end of the season. I really don’t think things are going to well with this Lamb/Savino partnership though. Hopefully Ralph will come to his senses. So what did y’all think of this episode of Vegas?