[TV MOVIE] Dangerous Intuition (Lifetime) Starring Tricia Helfer & Estella Warren

The upcoming TV Movie Dangerous Intuition premieres Saturday May 11 (8 pm) on Lifetime and stars Tricia Helfer & Estella Warren.

Dangerous Intuition Synopsis: Kate Aldrich, a successful architect who worked hard to put her husband Dan, through law school, has struggled to take the high road for the sake of their daughter, Izzy, since Dan left her for stay-at-home mom, Laura. That includes fighting to overcome the anxiety disorder she developed when she was forced to accept a joint custody arrangement for Izzy.

But when Kate’s anxiety is replaced instead by increasingly terrifying visions of a ghost-like Izzy running in terror from some unseen threat, Kate becomes convinced that it is not an anxiety disorder at all but her “mother’s intuition”.

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