Touch Season 2 Review “Fight or Flight”

Touch has a lot a ground to cover if they’re going to wrap this story up by next week. Since they got the axe from Fox, they’ve only got next week to conclude the story. I’m a bit saddened that the show is ending because it just started getting interesting. They were having some pacing problems at the beginning of the season, but it seems that they worked much of that out. It seems to be too little too late though. But oh well. That’s the nature of television shows I guess.

A few thoughts about “Fight or Flight”:

Martin and Trevor discovered that Avram had been kidnapped, so they went back to the market in search of him. They found Dr. McCormick there, but before Martin could ask him any questions, Dr. McCormick had what appeared to be a heart attack and died. Martin and Trevor discovered that he had been participating in Aster Corp.’s sleep study, so Trevor volunteered to go in undercover so they could obtain some evidence against Aster Corp.
When they ran into trouble, they received some help from Calvin.

Calvin had begun to have some serious doubts about what Aster Corp. was doing. After he heard about Dr. McCormick’s death, he started investigating the medical records and found out that the study was doing permanent damage to the subjects. He helped Trevor and Martin get the evidence they needed to take to the police because he felt that what the company was doing was wrong. I suppose this development is supposed to further reinforce that Calvin isn’t really such a bad guy. Yes, he kidnapped Amelia. Yes, he was also trying to get his hands on Jake. But his argument is that even at his worst, he wasn’t as bad as Aster Corp. That may be true, but wrong is wrong. It doesn’t matter how big or how small it is. It’s still wrong. Perhaps Calvin is trying to atone for his sins now, and I suppose people deserve a second chance. But I’m still not entirely sure he can be trusted.

Although, I’m not entirely sure Calvin has as much agency in this situation as he believes. Farington issued a fairly veiled threat to Calvin last time they spoke. This time, she was just blunt about it. She essentially told him that she would have no qualms about turning him in to the police and leaving his brother helpless if Calvin didn’t cooperate. For all intents and purposes, Calvin is just as much a prisoner as the sleep study subjects. Granted, his situation is of his own making, but he’s still trapped just the same. He’s got information that could help to take Aster Corp. down, but he’s highly likely to go down in the process. The question, then, is whether he will do what’s right or do what’s in his own best interest.

Like I said before, apparently you have to have your heart and conscious surgically removed before you can run Aster Corp. After Dr. McCormick’s death, Calvin told Farington that they needed to do some more research on the safety of the sleep study before they went any further. She basically laughed in his face and pretty much told him that she didn’t really care about the effects on the patients as long as they got the sequence. Farington then told Calvin this sad story about Aster Corp. purchasing some bad debts, and how they were on the verge of going under. She said they needed the sequence so they could save the jobs and pensions of thousands of people who worked at the company, but she’s not worried about any of that. Not really. She wants to predict and control the future. God complex much? If she’s able to save the jobs of Aster Corp employees in the process, that’s all fine and dandy. But if she has to throw them all under the bus, she’s more than willing to do that too. Power is what she’s after and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Avram is being held captive by folks who seem to also be rabbis. I’m not sure what their endgame is or why they kidnapped Avram though. It also seems that he is not the only person being held at whatever that place is. There were many other voices, but we only saw the other rabbi who delivered Avram a book. There was a highlighted passage in the book that talked about leviathans, but Avram had no idea what it meant. Neither do I.

This episode was pretty good, but it looks like Jake and Amelia are in a great deal of trouble. The Aster Corp. jerks kidnapped them, and took them off to God knows where. It’s interesting that they left Martin alive though because they have to know that he’s going to come get his son. But I’ll just let that go for now. So what did y’all think of this episode of Touch?