Nikita Season 3 Review “Invisible Hand”

We knew this season of Nikita couldn’t end on an entirely happy note, especially after the announcement of a shortened season four, but ‘Invisible Hand’ proved once and for all that, until Amanda is taken out of the game, Nikita and Michael have no hope in hell of a normal life.

Amanda’s plan was finally revealed this week, with the apparently dropped storyline of Michael’s severed hand coming back into play. The replacement given to him by The Shop was a Trojan horse orchestrated by Amanda, and now Nikita’s soon-to-be hubby has an advanced kill chip in his system. The trade she’s offering for Michael’s life? Only the assassination of the US President – no big deal. Amanda wants to prove Nikita is her most perfectly crafted killing machine, and good guys have now been pushed into a very tight corner.

Naively, everyone else left at Division thinks that complete and utter freedom is nigh, with Ryan negotiating their pardons as they speak. There are some sweet moments for both Alex and Birkoff, who wonder what their lives will be like should they be able to leave the spy life for good. Amanda’s cover for luring Nikita to her was a threat to an influential humanitarian, who offers Alex a job as Special Envoy to the UN. It’s something she clearly hasn’t considered before – always thinking of Alexandra as a cover, not her real identity. Birkoff also questions Sonya on whether they’ll stay together, to which she simply says “shut up”.

Is Nikita willing to kill the president in order to spare Michael’s life? If she does it, then they won’t be able to stay together in their promised ‘normal’ life, but I’m guessing that Michael might be biting the dust next week if she fails. With a title like ‘Til Death Do Us Part’, you have to imagine that something monumental is going to go down, and I think a romantic wedding coupled with a heartbreaking death would do the trick. No matter what else happens, I hope Amanda is taken down this season, with a new, even more dangerous villain (possibly the US government) to ride out the series next year.

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