The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Review “The Walking Dead”

This week on The Vampire Diaries the veil between our world and the supernatural purgatory was dropped, giving ‘The Walking Dead’ a chance to visit Mystic Falls. This lead to one of the best episodes of the fourth season.

It was brilliant in its simplicity. Bonnie drops the veil to try and talk to Qetsiyah and unleashes the supernatural dead on a triangular area of Mystic Falls. It wasn’t so bad, really, since there was Alaric and Bonnie’s Grandmother, and eventually, Jeremy. Of course, there was also Kol. And things definitely took a turn for the worse when some of the dead vampire hunters of the five turned up, gunning for Rebekah.

Perhaps the most surprising thing from this week’s episode (besides Silas being ossified a week before the season finale) was Bonnie’s death; expression magic took its toll on her. On the plus side, she died while the veil was down, and so she can still interact with her friends. On the minus side, she died while the veil was down and now can’t put it back up.

I have to be honest though, dear reader. While I like Rebekah, I don’t really mind her being in mortal peril if it means we get Jeremy and Alaric back for a while longer. It’s almost a shame that the veil can’t stay down, but at least it’ll be interesting to see how they put it back up without an actual living Bonnie.

The episode ended with Damon in possession of the vampirism cure and Alaric telling him to ‘get the girl’. Will season four end with Elena human once again? Or is there another TVD twist in the pipeline…?

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