Person of Interest Season 2 Recap

Finch, Fusco, Carter and Reese - Person of Interest

Person of Interest is a very entertaining but complicated show, with lots of twists and turns, and sometimes confusing bits. Writing a season recap was much harder than I imagined, so I have tried to focus on what were for me the standout moments of the season.

The second season of Person of Interest, which wrapped last night with the episode “God Mode,” has been very busy. The show has delved into the back story of all the major players, with the final episode of the season revealing exactly why Finch limps, what happened to Nathan Ingram, and why Finch had a complete change in attitude when it came to helping people listed as “irrelevant data.” During the rest of the season, more of Finch’s past was revealed as we saw how he met Grace, how much he loved her, and how hard it was for him to walk away from her all for her own safety. At the same time, this season we have had an assortment of interesting people of interest including my favorite, the Machine itself, and the HR story has taken twists and turns that have resulted in the deaths of some recurring characters.

Root and Finch - Person of Interest

We started the season with Finch being held captive by Root – the continuation of the season 1 cliffhanger. Am I the only one who finds her little girl voice and calm demeanor extremely menacing? It seems that it is rarely the screaming lunatics that are the most dangerous on TV. Her matter-of-fact way of speaking gives me chills! Root is crazy and dangerous. She wants to set the Machine free, and considers people to be “bad code.” In the season finale, her plan seems to be thwarted, until the machine calls Root in the mental hospital. Yikes!

Finch, Bear and Reese - Person of Interest

This season we also saw the introduction of my favorite addition to the team, Bear the Dog! He has played a pivotal role in more than one episode. And, we have a fun new recurring character named Leon to thank for Bear’s addition. If Leon had not stolen from some Aryan Nation thugs, Reese would never have acquired Bear, who was instrumental in their escape from captivity. I don’t want to belabor this adorable team member, but instead will refer you to a previous article I wrote about him, My Favorite Bear the Dog Moments on Person of Interest. Every time Leon shows up, you know the dialogue will be snarky and fast. He is not happy to see Reese or Finch, but I think finally resigned himself to the reality of their continuing to save him!

Sofia and Reese - Person of Interest

I think my favorite character moment of the season was when Reese had a very interesting conversation with one of the people he was protecting. She told him that she was drifting through life, trying to figure out what was important. Reese was able to relate to her statement, and told her that someone found him and gave him a purpose. That scene just touched me in a special way.

Kara and Reese - Person of Interest

While I enjoy the weekly person of interest, I also find the use of recurring characters on this show to be lots of fun. This season, we saw more of Cara Stanton, Reese’s old CIA partner, and even though she may have been killed in a car explosion, well, I’ve adopted the attitude of “if I don’t see a body, then the person is not actually dead.” After all, Reese thought she was dead back in China when the building exploded and we know how wrong he was about that!

Elias and Reese - Person of Interest

We also saw the reappearance of Carl Elias, albeit in prison. He actually played a pivotal part in more than one episode, clearly still in control from his prison cell. When Reese ended up in prison, in fact, it was lucky that Elias was there too, since he actually helped protect him! And then of course we have the developing collegial relationship with Finch, with Elias clearly enjoying their games of chess. And then the biggest shocker was Carter saving his life in the season finale!

Shaw and Finch - Person of Interest

And then there is Samantha Shaw. Introduced to us this past season, Shaw did the same type of job as Reese, except she worked for the government, using the “relevant numbers” provided. However, she went rogue when her supervisor tried to have her kill and lied to her partner’s parents, telling them he was a traitor after he was killed. Despite resisting Finch’s offer to come work for him, she remains rogue, until the final episode when she teams up with Reese to track down Root, Finch and the Machine.


As is to be expected, the season finale left us with many questions to ponder as we wait for the third season premiere in the fall. Where is the Machine? Who is really in control of it? Why did it call Root at the end? Will Finch’s virus in a virus work as he expects, or will there be complications?

What did you think of season 2 of Person of interest? What questions do you have after watching the season finale? Please let me know in the comment section below!