Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Review “Readiness is All” – Take Cover!

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 23 Readiness is All (1)
Oh, where to begin . . .

There’s a storm hurling towards Seattle and I’m not talking about the one the doctor’s were preparing for on last night’s Grey’s Anatomy. Let’s take a look at the doctors who are quickly becoming natural disasters themselves.

– Meredith’s fall up the steps was scary and if she wasn’t pregnant, it would have been absolutely hilarious. It was so over the top. I’m glad all was well, but I’m sure that her water breaking and the power outage will mean a lot of stress and anxiety for viewers in next week’s finale.

– OMG. Matthew’s proposal to April. I have no words. I’m not sure how I feel about flash mobs and I generally don’t like musical interludes, but that was absolutely amazing. From the awkward exchange of glances shortly after she said yes, it’s clear that April is still in love or in something with Jackson. However, after a guy arranges a flash mob proposal as sweet as that, you simply cannot break his heart. That is, of course, if you’re not on a Shonda Rhimes drama. Let’s stay tuned Grey’s fans.

– Christina and Owen really shouldn’t be counted among the natural disasters, but they have that pesky little disagreement over becoming parents. I know that Christina is a great doctor, but I couldn’t help but wonder if she wasn’t a little more motivated to help Paul because she could see that twinkle in Owen’s eyes when he and Ethan hung out. Although it shouldn’t have been, the moment Paul woke up was bittersweet. It was great to see Paul and Ethan reunited, but the look of disappointment in Owen’s face was heartbreaking.

– Speaking of the flash mob proposal, I’m sure everyone saw the goo goo eyes between Arizona and Lauren when Matthew said he felt a “shock” when he first saw April. A day of flirting, surgery along with a power outage and an on-call room led to some seriously heavy petting between the very married Arizona and Lauren. I’m sure that when Lauren spent all that time Google-stalking Arizona she must have learned that she was married. Arizona’s had a tough season with the plane crash and amputation. Things have been great with Callie lately, but it looks like she enjoyed being the object of someone’s affection.

– And then there was Jo. Although I really wanted to get caught up in the story, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I wished they would have shown the confrontation between Jo and Peckwell. Not that I want to see spousal violence on television – I just couldn’t stop trying to figure out how tiny little Jo could do that much damage. That aside, I’m glad that Alex was Jo’s person, but I was glad Meredith had the little heart-to-heart with her. Jo clearly needs some counseling or professional help and I’m sure Alex will be by her side through the journey. It was nice to see Meredith and Christina protecting Alex.

Not everyone was in disarray this week. Thanks to a very strong dose of tough love, Bailey is back in the surgery rotations and I think she and Shane are very well matched. Both of them could use a serious confident boost. Her brand of tough love will help Shane tremendously.

In many ways, this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy felt like trip down memory lane. There was scandal, sex, cover-ups, cheating and oh yeah, there were a few patients thrown in for good measure. Despite all the drama, I still managed to get a good laugh in about Alex calling Jason, “Peckwell,” despite the urgent nature of the Peckwell’s health. I also enjoyed Callie’s Matrix-like moves when the sparks started flying around her human shish kabob.

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