Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Review “Date Night”

Beauty and the Beast saw Cat and Vincent’s attempts at a date night take a slightly different turn this week. Mostly because they actually got to go on a proper date night, at least for a while.

The meat of the episode was this: Gabe takes pills for his ‘condition’. He was unable to find these pills when he needed them and turned into his beast. This wasn’t necessary a bad thing since the Bustamantes chose then to try and kill him, but it did mean Cat and Vincent had to search the city for him. They found him, dosed him up with his pills, and all was well. Gabe admitted to wanting to find Vincent because they could help each other and after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing, Vincent went along with his plan.

Result? Vincent has some of Gabe’s pills and Gabe has some of Vincent’s blood. While Vincent learned that the pills not only prevent him from turning into his beast, but may actually kill him (facts learned in very quick succession; this would have been more effective over the course of two episodes), Gabe learned that he will need more than Vincent’s blood if he’s to stabilise his beastly condition permanently.

(Yes, I am going to ignore the pregnancy scare. This is the first positive review of BatB I’ve done in ages and I really don’t want to ruin it, dear reader.)

With the exception of the whole take the pills/don’t take the pills/take the pills/the pills will kill you portion of the episode, and the declaration of love from Joe to Tess (I still can’t root for those two), this was a pretty solid episode. It was easily one of the strongest in the second half of season one.

It might have been stronger still had we seen Cat and Vincent actually go on proper date nights in past episodes to compare and contrast Vincent’s reactions, since up until now it seemed more that Vincent couldn’t go on dates because of detection by Muirfield, than the risk of him flipping out over someone munching their popcorn too loudly. Still, overall, the episode worked well. The reveal at the end that Gabe, Vincent’s new BFF, is okay with killing him to fix his own beast issues was the perfect way to cap off the episode. Kudos, BatB.

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