American Idol Season 12 Review “Results Show”

Well, what can I say? My track record on “American Idol” remains unblemished by success. As ever, and for the twelfth year in a row, I have failed to correctly predict the winner of this thing. Good thing they don’t pay me for being right. What are you gonna do?

So, in a twist I’m betting caught more than a few people off-guard- those that are still watching, that is- Angie went home and the Battle Royale was revealed to be between the expected Candice and the not-so-expected Kree. To be fair, if you weren’t moved by that video package of Kree visiting home and her back-story the night before, you might not have a pulse. I wasn’t entirely convinced that would translate into votes, but shows what I know.

But, as we know from example, more than a few also-rans have done just fine for themselves. Indeed, one has an Oscar to show for her troubles, so there’s that. I’m going to go out on no limb at all and bet that Angie will land on her feet just fine, no problem. That girl’s got talent for days.

My only real issue is that the finale will be a bit shaky now. I mean, I like Kree, but Candice is a monster. She even made “West Side Story” seem relevant again, and I’m not even a musical person. Unless she does the absolute worst songs ever, she’s got this sucker, hands down.

Kree may have been able to get a little boost from understandable sympathy this week, but you best believe that Candice fans will be gunning for the win next week. The only thing that seems to be in Kree’s favor is that the fans who were pulling for Angie may well go over to Kree’s side over Candice, but if you think about it, Angie was a little closer to Candice’s wheelhouse than Kree’s so I’m not so sure. I think Candice’s got this…but that probably means that Kree will win, because I am always wrong about these things, apparently.

Beyond that, we had a nice moment with the Top Three visiting a local high school and performing with their choir, plus a good-if-sound-issue-plagued take on Selena Gomez and the Scene’s “Who Says,” which I liked very much once it got going. We also had a visit from fellow lovely Latina Jessica Sanchez, there to plug her role on “Glee,” which according to the commercials featured a little something something from… “West Side Story.” Imagine that! (Anybody out there see it? Let me know below, if you did & whether you think it’s worth a look for Sanchez alone…)

Next up, we got another “Idol” returnee, and this one actually got to sing instead of sitting in the audience. (WTF, “Idol”?) From Season 10, we had Lauren Alaina, who looked adorable with her pink streaked blonde hair and cute outfit. “Barefoot & Buckwild,” indeed. The song was pretty decent as the new-fangled pop-country hybrids go. (Well, not that new, as I remember Shania Twain doing the same thing back in the 90s- and one could make a case for The Eagles in the 70s, for that matter.)

After that, we went into R&B mode, first with a world premiere video- remember those from MTV back in the day, fellow kids of the 80’s? They were such a big deal then. Le Sigh. Anyway, we got Mariah’s latest, a duet with up-and-comer Miguel, who I like a lot after seeing him on “SNL” recently, where he was the best thing on the show- not that it was saying much that week. (Way to drop the ball, Vaughn.) Good on MC for spotting good talent early on. Seems like only yesterday when she did the same thing with a now decidedly ironic newbie by the name of Nicki. Hmm…

Unfortunately, the song didn’t really put Miguel to good use and was your standard Mariah single. I did get a kick out of her showing the video to the Top Three, bragging on how she co-writes a good bit of her stuff. Just how many people does it take to come up with something this mediocre these days? I picture it being like a Hollywood Blockbuster, hiring ten screenwriters to do the job of one. Ugh. Next…

Thankfully, we got Alicia Keys finally doing something other than “Girl is on Fire” from her new album, thank God. Her latest single, Tears Always Win is classic Keys, a little bit old-school Motown, and a little bit modern flair, just what she does best. Granted, she’s not treading new ground here, but she sort of did that with “Girl,” so we’ll cut her some slack, because I do like her music, not in the least because she’s in the minority of those doing it about now. Although, there’s this newcomer named Emeli Sandé that people will not shut up about, so I guess there’s that.

Alright, so barring the bit about Adam Lambert being confirmed for the finale, and the announcement that Randy was stepping down from the show before they had a chance to officially fire him, that was about it. The only other thing worth mentioning, I suppose, was the saddest send-off in recent memory, as a clearly surprised Angie barely made it through her send-off song, which is such a stupid “tradition” anyway, “Idol”– maybe get rid of that for the big new changes next season, why don’t you? Oh God, I’m breaking up now just thinking about it…curse you “Idol”– fooled again!

What did you think about the results on “American Idol” this week? Surprised Angie got the boot, even after never having been in the bottom even once? Downright mad she got the boot? Shocked Kree landed herself at the top of the heap? Think she has a prayer to win, or does Candice have this thing in the bag? Sad to see the Dawg go? Sound off below in the comments section!