Supernatural Season 8 Review “Clip Show” – Will a Deadly Plan Stop the Trials?

Supernatural Season 8 Episode 22 Clip Show

In this episode of Supernatural, called “Clip Show,” Sam and Dean discover something in the bunker that may help them with the final Trial, but also discover (as always) that it’s not going to be as easy as it first sounds.

There are so many things I want to touch on about this episode. First, am I really the only one who heard the words “cure a demon” and knew immediately that that meant turning a demon basically back into a human? It was kind of funny to me that Sam and Dean had to go through a whole dance and talk to an old priest to figure that out. Also. (SPOILERS for next week’s finale ahead, skip to next paragraph if you don’t want to see them)..I immediately thought of Crowley but thought that might be pushing it. Imagine my excitement at seeing his ass tied to a chair in the preview for the finale.

Secondly, I have to say that I’m conflicted about Castiel and his little predicament. On the one hand, I was delighted by the prospect that he would be going through some Trials himself (and again, I had thoughts about something like that happening when they first mentioned the Angel Tablet). I can’t deny the huge smile that went across my face when Metatron said Cas was the warrior that he needed. I also think that Metatron made some good points about needing to have a family meeting, and Cas had some good points about needing to make things right since he was the one who made them all wrong.

That being said, I simply could not believe that Cas started the first Trial without talking to Sam and Dean. He just spent the first half of the episode apologizing profusely for running away. I mean he was basically ducking Dean’s verbal kicks like a puppy getting its nose slapped with a newspaper and what does he do? Go off and basically do the exact same thing again. I know that Sam and Dean aren’t angels and yes I realize that they’ve got a lot going on and perhaps Cas (once again) thinks he’s doing the best thing by leaving them out of it, but I also feel like he’s just asking for Dean to be more and more pissed at him. And yes, I also know that Dean wasn’t really in a listening mood the last time Cas tried to talk to him, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have at least tried. Y’all know I love Cas and he’ll always be my unicorn, but I was definitely frustrated with him in this episode.

Other than that, another spectacular episode. I loved how they used the clips in the story. I was not happy to see Sarah die, but you have to admit that it definitely brought home the idea that Crowley has got the boys by the short hairs. I can’t believe next week is already the season finale and I have no doubt that we are in for another huge cliffhanger.

My favorite bits..

Poor Sam admitting how awful he felt.

“I’ve had that hangover. Jager, man.”

Poor Cas trying to say hello to Dean and getting summarily ignored.

Sam telling Cas that Dean wanted to get a ping-pong table.

Dean “testing” Sam’s beer.

“Dean, I thought I was doing the right thing.”
“Yeah, you always do.” – OUCH.

Sam telling Dean that he should give Cas a pass because, well, he’s Cas.

“So, we have a dungeon.”

OMG I haven’t seen one of those jiffy pop things in years! Too funny.

“Hey, those chains look exactly like the ones in our dungeon.”
“In your what?”

Dean reassuring the priest, that even as messed up and hurting as Sam was, there was no doubt in his mind that Sam was going to cross the finish line.

Cas picking out stuff in the store he knew Dean would like. Too freaking adorable.

“You don’t understand, I NEED pie.”

“It’s all broken.”
“I know, I’m the one that broke it.”

“Cool coat.” ”
No, it’s actually quite warm.” – I heart Cas so much right now.

“I should have picked a better looking vessel.”

“I am the one who caused these problems, I should be the one to fix them.”

Sam and Dean putting Abaddon back together again.

“You owe me a beer.”

Sam and Dean leaving Abaddon’s hands off. Brilliant.

“Crowley? The salesman?”
“Try the King of Hell.”

Crowley asking Sam what he was wearing. He’s so cheeky.

Abaddon’s hand crawling out of that box. Oh look! It’s Thing!

Come on, boys. Did you really think she wasn’t going to get away somehow?

The fact that Crowley’s caller I.D. was “666.”

Totally falling in love with Sarah’s apartment.

“Look, I know this is insane, but insane is kind of what we do.”

Aw, Sarah had a daughter. So sweet.

The look Sam and Dean shared when Sarah talked about her family.

Sarah noticing the changes in Sam.

“You grew up, Sam.”
“I do miss the old haircut though.”

Totally losing it when Sarah started choking. Holy crap!!

Crowley spouting back the “Saving people, hunting things — the family business” line back to the boys. Wow, that was. surreal. Pretty clever of him to use the books against them.

“They’re your life’s work and I’m going to rip it apart piece by piece.”

NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! They did NOT just kill Sarah. YOU BASTARDS!!!!!!!

The boys fially finding the hex bag. too late.

“Then we’ll kick it in the ass like we always do. Are you with me?”

What did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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