Psych Season 7 Review “Office Space” – It’s Always Better in the Dark

Psych Season 7 Episode 11 Office Space

In this episode of Psych, called “Office Space,” Shawn and Gus accidentally tamper with a crime scene (or practically destroy it – I’ve heard it both ways) and enlist the help of Juliet to get them out of their mess so they can solve the murder.

Did anyone else feel a bit lost at the beginning of this episode? No, I’m not talking about Gus showing up I the middle of the night covered in dirt and crying. I’m talking about him showing up to Shawn and Juliet’s house and finding the two of them in bed together. I knew that Shawn and Juliet were in a better place at the end of the last episode, but I didn’t think they were in a place where they were sleeping together – even if it was just a “one time thing” like Juliet said. I swear, for the first five minutes I kept wondering if I’d either missed an episode where they got back together or if this episode was being aired out of order and originally took place before the big fiasco at Lassiter’s wedding.

Once I got over that and decided to just go with the flow of the episode, it was tons of fun. The scene where Gus kept touching more and more things at the crime scene, and panicking more and more as he did it, was hilarious. I didn’t think it could get better than that – until Shawn showed up. The two of them making a mess of the crime scene and then trying to clean it up was beyond hilarious – especially since we saw most of their shenanigans through flashbacks as Lassiter and the other cops followed their trail.

The other great part about this episode was seeing Shawn trying so hard to keep his promise and be honest with Juliet. She discovers pretty fast that she really doesn’t want to know how Shawn and Gus do their jobs, which means that everything is going back to normal. I’m still not sure where they are as a couple, but at least their work relationship is where it belongs and Shawn can do what he needs to do without feeling guilty for lying. Juliet had to learn the hard way that it’s better for her in the dark.

My favorite bits..

Gus tapping on the window, even after Shawn had opened the curtain.

“I’m gonna cry.”
“Don’t cry.”

Gus standing up to Creech. Go Gus!

“To be honest, I didn’t know you still worked there.” – You and me both, Shawn.

Gus literally touching every single thing in Creech’s office and screaming/crying the whole time.

Shawn telling his dad that “we” screwed up, but pointing at Gus while he said it.

Henry dragging Gus out of the elevator.

Shawn signaling Gus to take it down a notch when he tried to act surprised about Creech.

Finding out that Shawn and Gus took off Creech’s socks.

Lassiter’s reaction to Sally’s name.

“How is it that I’m now being punished for being honest?”

Murray handing Gus a scratch-n-sniff sticker. I think more bosses should start handing those out to their employees. I bet production would go up in all areas of business. I mean who wouldn’t work harder for a scratch-n-sniff sticker?

Shawn and Gus slowly easing their way through the office during Murray’s speech.

Finch singing that song.

“Man, you know sweat activates my lotion.”

Shawn strongly denying that he wears Axe body spray.

“Please tell me thing haven’t gotten out of control.”
“They have not.”
“Are you being honest?”

Shawn and Gus trying to do a fist-bump while running and basically ending up slapping each other.

Shawn in the background falling to his knees while Gus and the girl kept on running.

Any other Supernatural fans also recognize the interior of that office building?

Finch mumbling to himself about Gus’s mochachino skin and white teeth.

“O’Hara, you can tell. Are you carrying Spencer’s unborn demon seed?”

Finding out that Shawn wants to name his first child “Starfish.”

“Man, your boyfriend is gone!”
“He’s not my boyfriend, Shawn.”

Gus pointing out to Shawn that they didn’t have time for Baldwin.

“What’s my name? Suck it. That’s my name.”

Lassiter storming in and realizing that he was too late and Shawn had already solved the crime.

Juliet wisely deciding to stay in the dark about how they solve their cases.

Shawn assuring Juliet that he and Gus always cleaned up their messes… right before they found Woody on the couch.

What did you think of this episode of Psych? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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