Community Season 4 Review “Advanced Introduction to Finality”

Community Season 4 Episode 13 Advanced Introduction to Finality (6)

Today was a very busy day over at NBC. They renewed one of my favorite comedies on television when they announced that Parks and Recreation would indeed be returning for its sixth season! However, most of their other comedies weren’t quite as lucky. 1600 Penn, Guys with Kids, Whitney, and Up All Night were all cancelled, and The Office and 30 Rock will be finishing this year. With 6 comedies already on their way out, that’s got to mean that there’s room for a show that’s carved out a small but loyal viewership, right? Let’s hope so.

Community closed out their fourth season, but hopefully not the series, in a great episode tonight with “Advanced Introduction to Finality”. Featuring a huge callback to season three favorite “Remedial Chaos Theory”, this episode featured just about everything a Community fan loves: Kooky sci-fi storylines, heartwarming Jeff Winger speeches, and yes – PAINTBALL!

I was a little confused at first by the whole conceit of the episode involving the “evil” versions of the study group members all coming back to the good timeline. It wasn’t clear at first that the whole thing was happening in Jeff’s head, so I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about them taking the whole show into a sci-fi arena with alternate timelines and everything. I guess there’s the possibility that your show doesn’t come back, so why not go for broke?

It was pretty funny seeing the evil study group terrorize Greendale, although I do wish we saw a little more of Abed in the darkest timeline. We’ve never seen so little of that timeline, and I would have enjoyed seeing the fight between the study groups take place in the dark Greendale as opposed to the regular Greendale that we’ve seen hundreds of times.

Apart from a few quibbles about the episode, I quite enjoyed it overall. It was very funny throughout, and had a great little conclusion as we see both Jeff and Pierce graduate Greendale. While I do think that Community is still one of the better comedies on TV, this was a great place to end the show if NBC does decide not to bring it back. You really can’t argue that NBC cut the show short or mistreated it. I mean, the show was about people attending a college, so four years does seem like a logical stopping point, right?

What did you think of the episode? Would you be happy if this was the series finale? Or do you want more Community in your life?

Random Thoughts:

– It’s a little jarring when Mad Men and Community are airing simultaneously. Alison Brie looks so different between the two shows that it’s hard to recognize that it’s the same person.

– The Troyjan Horse sounds delicious, by the way. Double ham and chocolate?! Sign me up.

– I thought it would have been a lot funnier if Evil Britta showed up and only had her hair slightly colored. That was the only difference she had in “Remedial Chaos Theory”, so I thought that would have been some nice symmetry. Ah well, at least she Britta’d her paintball gun and shot herself.