The Mindy Project Season 1 Review “Frat Party”

On the penultimate episode of “The Mindy Project,” Mindy found yet another of her relationships in jeopardy- and another from her past somewhat renewed, or as renewed as it could be at a “Frat Party.”

Things started out well enough, with Mindy and Casey in full-on cute mode, taking a shower that was amusingly realistic, which is to say, not as sexy as one might hope it to be. Basically, it was all manners of awkward, with some decidedly unromantic- and hilarious- dialogue, such as when Casey playfully spat water at Mindy: “Your mouth bacteria is in my eye socket!”

The banter extended to a lunch date, where Mindy introduced Casey to her protégée, Katie, a med student she was mentoring. She was played by “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”-vixen Francia Raisa, who was so buttoned-down at the beginning of the episode, I couldn’t quite place her. Then she hit the stripper pole later in the ep and I was like, Adrian! I guess you can’t keep a good bad girl down.

Anyway, things quickly went downhill fast when Casey revealed he had plans to go to Haiti for a missionary gig. At first, Mindy was thrilled for him.

Mindy: “This is why I love him! He looks like the villain in a National Lampoon movie, but he’s not. He’s, like, into Haiti. He’s nice.”

Then Casey revealed the gig was for an entire year and Mindy’s tune quickly changed, resulting in her dumping him directly on the spot. To cheer her up, Katie invites her to a frat party on her college campus. Mindy’s hesitant at first, but finds the “no cup”-theme (!) charming and decides to give it a shot. I can’t say I’ve heard of a “no cup” party before, but some of those things people were drinking out of didn’t look very sanitary, including fishbowls and roller skates and the like. Ick! Pass.

Then Mindy sees ex Tom (Bill Hader, of “SNL” fame) and perks up a bit as it starts to fully sink in that she’s one of the oldest people in the room. Unfortunately, Tom, an alum of the frat in question who doesn’t quite know when to let go, is in sadder shape than Mindy, still reeling from a messy divorce that involved his wife leaving him for another man, whose child she was carrying to boot.

Tom: “I was a little depressed there for a little bit. I’d wake up in the morning, have my coffee, you know, exercise, do a little Russian roulette…”

Before she can properly address that situation, she catches Katie going for the aforementioned stripper pole and cries foul on all that noise, snatching the poor girl up, and blocking an unwary Asian for good measure: “What are you doing here? You should know better, you have glasses!”
Mindy wastes no time in trying to tear down the pole, but everyone mistakes it for her taking a stab at it, including her newly arrived co-workers. Finally, she succeeds in bringing it down, crying in victory.

Mindy: “I dismantled this pole, this pole of oppression!” (She mistakes boo’s for shouts of encouragement.) “Thank you, thank you, young feminists!”

Tom, realizing the error of his ways, invites Mindy to take it elsewhere.

Tom: “We could do something more age-appropriate, like listen to NPR or drink Ensure or something like that.”

Alas, Casey shows up and confronts her would-be suitor, and the goofiest fight I’ve seen in many a moon ensues. I don’t know that I could do it full justice here, but my favorite moments were when the Foosball players were used as a weapon, socks were used as makeshift nunchucks, and a massive flurry of slap-fighting ensued, not necessarily in that order. That was also priceless when, after Tom declared that he was well-endowed and had Mindy confirm it, Tom pounced on Casey and he shouted: “I can feel your penis and it’s not that big!” Funny stuff.

Things eventually break up and we got the aftermath, in which Casey was ushered out by the girls, with Tom having marked up his face with a faux-twirly mustache in Sharpie.

Mindy: “You look like a magician with food poisoning.”

Nonetheless, Mindy forgave Casey, sealing the deal in the elevator. Casey had a great rant here that bears repeating, when he posited what a pregnant Mindy would be like.

Casey: “I know you’re going to turn into some crazy, insane, demanding pregnant woman who’s got, like, 70 lbs. of water weight and is just walking around town, crushing cop cars…You’re gonna be like Donkey Kong. You’re gonna go to bars and, like, take barrels and throw them across the room at people.” LOL.

We ended with a cute bit where Danny and a newly-rehired Morgan took pictures in said elevator, interjecting themselves into the festivities, albeit more reluctantly on Danny’s part. Morgan, on the other hand, took the opportunity to pose in man of action mode, “like I’m in a cop movie.”

A pretty decent episode overall, if not quite as jam-packed with laugh lines as some of the better episodes this season. Still, between that ridiculous fight and Mindy hitting the pole- loved how incredulous she was when the frat guys went into instant save mode and had a new pole up in record time- it was undeniably worthwhile. I’d say it ranks about in the middle of decent episodes- not one of the worst, but not one of the best by any stretch of the imagination, either.

What did you think of “The Mindy Project” this week? Were you rooting for Mindy and Casey, or would you have rather seen her hook up with Tom? How do you feel about Danny getting back with his ex? Who knew there was a place in the black market for rogue teens to sell wind chimes for weed? Ah, “Mindy,” you are truly the gift that keeps giving.

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