Survivor: Caramoan Review “Don’t Say Anything About My Mom”

Survivor: Caramoan aired it’s last regular season episode tonight with “Don’t Say Anything About My Mom”. With the finale airing in four short days, I was very excited to see the proceedings ramp up before the final installment.

For the first time in a long time, we didn’t have any post-tribal scenes to start out the episode. Instead, we cut right to the next morning as we see Erik have somewhat of a meltdown. Erik has flown mostly under the radar this season, so it was quite jarring to see how much the hunger has affected him.

However, Erik was quickly rejuvenated when he was able to reunite with his brother! Yes, tonight was the dreaded “loved ones” episode, and I only say “dreaded” because it’s the only time all year where my wife sees me cry. These episodes always get to me, but this one had to be one of the most tear-inducing reunion episodes ever! Even Jeff Probst was crying, and he hasn’t cried in all 26 seasons! If the initial loved one reunions weren’t already making me cry like a baby, we then get the big reveal that there are extra loved ones waiting on the island! Then Brenda gets to make the huge, almost cruel decision about whether or not to enjoy her family members herself or let everybody else enjoy it.

When Brenda made the seemingly impossible decision to send the others to spend time with their loved ones, I immediately said to my wife “If she makes it to the end, she’s totally going to win”. Little did I know that the others were thinking the exact same thing.

While I do understand the strategy behind getting rid of Brenda now, I really can’t believe that they went through with it on the same day of when she made this incredibly selfless move. I definitely felt pretty bad for her, but I do understand them being so concerned about her proficiency at challenges.

What I’m still not quite clear on is why everybody seems so threatened by Eddie. The guy hasn’t done anything, and if memory serves I believe he’s only ever won one immunity challenge, but everybody’s treating him like he’s some big threat that could win if he gets to the end. He might get a vote thrown his way by Reynold and Andrea, but everybody else is going to see that he was a complete zero when it comes to strategy and challenges, so I think he’d be the perfect guy to take to the end.

Well we only have one more episode of this great season of Survivor, and I’ll be having my semi-annual Survivor Finale party at my house on Sunday. I’ll be typing along then, so I’ll hear from you all soon!

Random Thoughts:

– I loved that Cochran’s mom had the same lack of confidence in herself as Cochran does, as she shrugged “Sorry” to her son before the reward challenge even began.

– It’s odd how misleading CBS is when they hype up their Survivor episodes. In last week’s preview scenes, and all week on the network, they’ve been talking about how Cochran would be in hot water in tonight’s episode. Then the episode airs and people just talk about voting him out a couple times in the first 10 minutes, and from there on out it’s all about Brenda or Eddie.

– Maybe this is a trick of the fancy Survivor cameras, but I feel like I never actually see any raindrops falling at tribal. All I see is the soaked contestants sitting there.