NCIS: Los Angeles Season 4 Review “Parley” – Deeks and Kensi Continue Their Dance

NCIS: Los Angeles - Parley

In this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, called “Parley,” Deeks goes back undercover as his alter-ego and leaving Kensi to watch from the sidelines in frustration as her partner gets close to another woman.

When I think about Deeks and Kensi, I can’t help but to compare them to another ‘will they or won’t they?’ couple on another TV show with a similar name. But while I have no love for “Tiva,” I strangely have plenty of it for “Densi.” Those who read my other interviews are probably wondering why and frankly so was I, but I think I put my finger on why one bothers me and the other doesn’t.

First of all, I really like Deeks and Kensi together. Yes they bicker and fight, but so far I can’t say that I’ve ever seen any of it cross over into being vicious or petty. They obviously know that they both love each other, but they’re still trying to figure out what that means. Is it the love that partners share (like Sam and Callen undoubtedly do) or the love that could turn into something more? Half the fun right now is watching them as they try to work that out.

Secondly, their relationship is still fairly new, especially compared to that other one on that other show. Talk to me five years from now and I have a feeling I’ll probably be sick of it. That’s one of my major issues with the other couple, their whole dance has gone on for way too long to still be fun, but Deeks and Kensi’s is still new enough to be a blast to watch.

This episode was great because it gave us not only some laugh-out-loud hilarity – like the entire pants conversation between Sam and Callen, plus Kensi’s commentary in Deeks’ ear during her surveillance – but also gave us some heavy moments as well. While I will always giggle at silly Deeks, if you want to make this fan really happy, give me some serious Deeks any day. That scene with him and Monica in the boathouse, and the final scene between him and Kensi were beautiful to behold.

Now it’s finale time and thanks to this episode nicely connecting everything back to Sidorov, it looks like we’re in for another intense final episode of the season. I can’t wait to see it, but still dread the long summer hiatus that will follow.

My favorite bits..

Okay I knew Sam and Kensi weren’t talking about men, but the look on Callen’s face during that conversation was pretty freaking hilarious.

“They’re WOD’s. W-O-Ds.”
“What’s that, like a BFF with an STD?”

“If I’m gonna pay someone to hurt me, it better be a dominatrix.” – Whoa! Callen, you naughty boy!

Sam assuring Callen that he didn’t judge, as long as Callen didn’t ask Sam to spank him. Haha!

Eric role-playing as a dominatrix… er, is it called something else when it’s a guy? A dominator?

“No, that wasn’t like insane, that was actually insane.”

“It was a short text, more of a tweet.”

Callen telling Eric and Nell to keep an eye on Kensi.

“Hobos? What is this, 1939?” – I was totally thinking the same thing.

Callen getting all jealous that Sam got a new suit.

“Am I getting a new suit?”
“Not until you return the pants from the last one.”

“G, you lost your pants. Even Deeks doesn’t lose his pants.”
“We’re lucky Deeks wears pants.” – That part made me laugh so hard I cried. Not even lying.

The entire discussion about why Callen wasn’t the player.

“Fine, have it your way. But I’d still make a great quarterback.”
“Whatever, just keep your pants on in there.”

“Are you there, God? It’s me, Margaret.”
“Just Bloom, really?”
“I’ve got a softer side.”
“Yeah, it’s called your head.”

The look on Kensi’s face when she heard all the kissing over the earwig.

Deeks reassuring Kensi that what just occurred sounded worse than it was.

“Oh, my God. I’m sure Sam doesn’t act like this when Callen gets hit on.”

“No wonder she likes you, she’s delusional.”

Kensi commentary on the entire conversation between Deeks and Monica was hi-larious.

“Not the brightest Barbie in the toy box, is she?”

Callen offering Sam a Tootsie roll.

Sam completely geeking out, but then bringing it around to something very real.

Callen pointing out that he wasn’t much better off, coming from a line of blood-feuding gypsies who were all trying to kill him.

“I always regret it when I tell you things.”
“I know you do.”

Kensi showing up as a member of the neighborhood watch.

Kensi’s “shut up” when Deeks talked about how she acted when she hadn’t had chocolate or during her lady time.

“You don’t run from me.”
“That’s because I carry a gun.”

Kensi and Monica getting into a full-on girl fight.

“Sorry honey, he’s with me.”

Kensi seeming to take great pleasure in telling Monica the truth.

“Who’s the bitch now?”
“He is.”
“Can’t argue with that.” – Ouch. Surprised Kensi was so harsh when it was obvious how bad Deeks was feeling right then.

Sam and Callen totally messing with the guy and getting him to think Sam was going to torture him.

“Just to be perfectly clear, I never forced you to do anything.” “Keep telling yourself that.”

Deeks reassuring Monica that she could believe everything because he was the one saying it, and not Max. That whole scene was pretty amazing. Unnerving to see Deeks so quiet but it fit perfectly with what was going on.

Sam telling Kensi to let Deeks go.

“I got Max Gentry, but you get the real deal. How’s that?”

“I trust him with everything.”

Kensi pointing out that Deeks did everything he did as part of a cover and how it saved lives.

Deeks and Kensi both assuring each other that they were good.

Deeks reading the note from Hetty.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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