Grimm Season 2 Review “Kiss of the Muse”

Grimm Season 2 Episode 20 Kiss of the Muse (4)

I am starting to think that Grimm does better when it focuses on one thing – either we have a big mythology continuation episode or we have a creature of the week episode. Last week showed us that when they try to combine the two, both end up being kind of lame. This week’s episode was a big improvement over last week’s and it’s a shame that this wasn’t the first post-The Voice episode. The story was tight and more interesting, which further demonstrates that Grimm has the power to be compelling tv. It just needs to work on its consistency.

Our creature this time is a Siren-like Wesen called a Musai, who looks like an elfin version of Avatar’s Na’vi. During her off-Wesen hours, the Musai is a beguiling young woman named Zoe, who sets her sights on Nick after he rescues her from her murderous ex-boyfriend. As Zoe later explains to Nick, she can’t help that men obsess about her to the point of wanting to kill any other suitors. After all, it’s not her fault that she can lure men in with one poisonous kiss. She seems to primarily target artists, which makes her fascination with Nick somewhat inconsistent. Zoe sees herself as a muse for artistic greatness and when the artists go mad, that just goes with the territory.

I found the Zoe storyline absorbing – primarily because it involved Nick getting together with someone other than Juliette. Earlier in the season, I was going to be upset if Juliette and Renard actually hooked up because I thought Juliette was Nick’s soul mate. At this point, soul mate schmol mate. I’m over Juliette and if she hooked up with Renard or even moved away, I’d be ok with that. All of the other members of Team Grimm have a purpose and a role to play. What is her role? And what happened to her job? How come she is milling about all the time? It was nice to see Nick mix it up with another woman. This got me thinking that it would have been interesting if there was some kind of Buffy/Angel type relationship on Grimm. I’m not going down my ode to Buffy path again. I’m just saying that if Nick and a Wesen were in love, that would be an interesting twist given his Grimm-ness and the challenges that would pose. Instead, we’ve got milk toast Juliette.

Are we nearing the end of the Juliette loss-of-memory storyline? It looks like it! Last night, Juliette went back to Aunt Marie’s trailer and recalled her conversation with Nick about Wesen. Instead of freaking out this time, Juliette almost seemed happy to be able to piece everything together at last. Juliette was not the only one who took a trip to the trailer. Monroe and Hank brought Rosalee in on the secret. At this point, half the world knows about the trailer. It seems like it might be better to have a secret lair that everyone can fit into when they do their research.

The scene with Rosalee admiring all of the Grimm gear also got me thinking about Nick’s role generally in Grimm lore. There are all of these books with illustrations and anecdotes about the various monsters. What is Nick contributing to the legacy? I get that Nick is a kinder, gentler Grimm, but it might be nice to see him be more proactive and less reactive. Instead of having a criminal turn to be a Wesen, how about trying to locate the Wesen before it commits a crime? Nick is a detective so this is within the realm of his skill set.

Unfortunately, there is no potion that can cure Nick and the only thing that can save him is his love for Juliette. Juliette steps in and saves Nick from murdering Zoe’s ex-boyfriend. Hopefully, this means that the couple is now reconciled and we can move on. I’m starting to feel like I want Grimm to be a different show than it is. Maybe I need to ratchet down my expectations.

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