Awkward Season 3 Review “Indecent Exposure”

Jenna and Matty are learning the pitfalls of living together while still in high school on this week’s Awkward, ‘Indecent Exposure’, as Matty’s drop in at the end of the last episode turns into a long-term thing Jenna’s not entirely comfortable with.

I enjoyed this episode of Awkward a little more than I have others this season, and that might be just because the humor and subject matter seemed relatively new and daring. Having your boyfriend move in with parental consent hasn’t had enough socially acceptable time to become a teen drama trope, so everything that stemmed from this situation was surprising in a way that I don’t think Awkward has been at all lately.

Jenna and Matty’s relationship escalated into some very adult areas, peaking with a porno viewing and sex session while they had the house to themselves. When Jenna starts going into the backstory of the girl playing Hermione in the film, however, Matty realizes that his own situation might not be ideal. His parents haven’t spoken to their son since he moved out a week ago, and he knows deep down that one of them will have to swallow their pride if he’s going to give his girlfriend her precious personal space back.

To watch them go from friends with benefits in the first season to cohabitating young adults here has been interesting, and I enjoyed seeing Matty have his own personal crisis to deal with. Awkward can sometimes dwell too much in Jenna’s perspective, given that it’s her blog we’re hearing read out via voiceover, but it would be fun to have one or two episodes focusing on other characters. Who doesn’t want to see more of what Ming and the Asian Mafia are up to on a weekly basis, for example?

There was so much packed into this 20-minute episode that the B-plot with Sadie and Tamara could easily have been left for another time. It provided some light relief, I guess, watching the two of them bitch and snipe at each other when left alone at a sleepover, and I’m glad the show didn’t resort to them making friends by the end of their night together. We learn nothing new about Sadie’s fairly dire situation, but now Tamara knows the truth and has been threatened with a cheerleading ‘accident’ should she tell anyone.

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