Starz Releases ‘Black Sails’ Teasers And Key Art

Starz has released two new teasers and a seriously cool poster for their upcoming Michael Bay produced pirate series Black Sails.

As you can see above, the poster is plays on the familiar skull and crossbones imagery by setting the image of a fully alive pirate against a dark background. The effect is both ghoulish and menacing– perfect for a series that intends to offer up a gritty, high seas adventure. The theme carries through in the teasers, which offer up a pair of pragmatic pirate adages: “Rise Up And Take What Is Yours” and “The Lord Helps Those Who Help Themselves.” Watch both teasers below and for a longer look at the series, check out the previously released full-length trailer.

Black Sails is set 20 years after Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel Treasure Island, and follows the journey of Captain Flint (Toby Stephens) and his crew (including a young John Silver played by Luke Arnold) as they fight to perverse the notorious pirate haven of New Providence Island. In addition to Stephens and Arnold, the series also stars Zack McGowan (Shameless), Hannah New (Maleficent), Jessica Parker Kennedy (The Secret Circle) and Clara Paget (Fast and Furious 6).

Black Sails‘ eight-episode first season will premiere January 2014 on Starz.