Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Review “Ho’ opio” – A Case Hits Close to Home for Danny

Hawaii Five-0 - Ho'™ opio (To Take Captive)

In this episode of Hawaii Five-0, called “Ho’ opio” (Hawaiian for “To Take Captive”), the team is put on the case of a kidnapped girl that resonates strongly with Danny, while Kono asks for Catherine’s help with a delicate matter.

First off, I just have to say that watching this episode was more than a little eerie after reading about the kidnapped girls where found yesterday after being missing for ten years. The stories were so similar it was creepy.

But I digress, let’s talk about the episode, shall we? After last week’s fiasco of an episode, I did feel like this one got the show back on track and it certainly had a lot of those elements that we’ve come to love from this series. Danny turning into a force to be reckoned with as soon as a child became involved was great, but it also looked really familiar. Do I love seeing Danny as the concerned father willing to do anything to save a child from harm? Absolutely. It’s just that sometimes it feels like that’s the only note we ever get from him when it’s a somewhat Danny-centric episode and I’d just like to see something else from him every once in a while. So while I can’t complain about any of Danny’s moments, I once again felt like the proverbial horse trotting after a dangling carrot. That being said, I’m starting to get hopeful that we might finally get a bite of that carrot in the finale. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

As for Kono’s story, I have to admit that, until she mentioned his name again, I had completely forgotten about Adam and his seedy brother and the whole gun incident. I mean when was the last time we heard anything about that? I’m glad they brought it back but it being so close to the finale, it almost felt like someone went, “oh crap, we almost forgot about that story we started a while back, we better bring it up again.” Maybe I’m the only one who felt that way, but it did make me giggle a little. Once we got back into the swing of it, I did like having a story that centered on Kono. I also liked that it gave Kono and Catherine the chance to work together. We’ve got two great gals on this show and anytime they get to work together, I have no problem with it.

My favorite bits..

Kamekona refereeing a sumo wrestling match.

Danny commending Steve for daring to show his face in public with his new haircut.

“You know, I find it difficult to be insulted by a man who uses more product in his hair than most women.”

Steve noticing right away that Danny was affected by finding the dead girl.

“Do the math, you don’t have enough time to get off two shots.”
“I wouldn’t be so sure.”

The biker guys offering to help look for the girl.

Danny knowing what Steve was going to say before he said it.

Danny pointing out to Steve that the only thing keeping that girl’s parents going was hope, even false hope.

The biker guys helping Danny and Steve trap the suspect. Awesome!

Feeling so bad for Danny after seeing the utter disappointment on his face when they found the van empty.

Danny kicking Grimes to the floor, even though he was strapped to a bolted chair. Whoa! Who knew those little legs were that strong?

Danny going to visit his daughter and give her a hug.

Catherine pointing out to Kono that Steve was the one who usually asks for favors.

Not just the fact that Danny said “I got this,” but the fact that Steve totally left him alone to deal with those people as he saw fit. The fact that he was exceedingly calm the whole time was kind of unnerving.

Totally spotting the Jared and Jensen (from Supernatural) poster in the girl’s room over the guys’ shoulders. That was all kinds of awesome.

Danny pointing out to the dirtbag that he could’ve made the same amount of money collecting cans as he did from kidnapping a little girl. God, that made it even worse.

The fact that everyone stood back and let Danny pull Ella out of that hole, almost like they knew he needed to do it to reassure himself she was okay.

Amanda’s voiceover reading her diary at the end. That totally killed me.

Danny watching them clean out Amanda’s room and then bringing the diary to her parents. Totally in tears by that point.

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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