2 Broke Girls Season 2 Review “And the Tip Slip”

On the penultimate episode of “2 Broke Girls,” we saw Max coining another catchphrase, in “And the Tip Slip,” which probably is what you think it is if you’re familiar with this show- but more on that later. This being the show it is, they have to start with the ball jokes and work their way to the rest eventually.

We began with an enthusiastic Han trying to get everyone on board for a game of softball. Barring Caroline- and he’d come to regret that inclusion- he didn’t have much luck, unless you count all the jokes at his expense, which by this show’s standards, were much easier targets. Talk about a soft ball…

Oleg: “I’m a great ball player. I know how to cup and tickle mine at the same time.”
Han: “I’m talking about America’s favorite pastime.”
Oleg: “Oh. So am I.”

See what they did there? As Caroline set up Han for a pitch he’d never forget, so did she set Max up for an easy lob at Han.

Caroline: “Go deep.” Han backs up farther away from her. “Go deeper!”
Max: “A phrase no other woman will ever say to him.”

From there, we headed to jail, for another visit with Caroline’s dad, Martin Channing (Steven Weber). It seems that his former employee/mistress Sandra (Beth Lacke) has a book coming out, in which she alleged that Martin may have been packing away the big bucks from his clients, ahem, but that was about the only thing he was packing.

Caroline wanted to defend her father’s honor, but it wasn’t like she had prior knowledge of that particular shortcoming- or lack thereof.

Caroline: “Have you seen your father’s penis?”
Max: “If I did, it was waving goodbye.”

Meanwhile, Max plotted putting out a memoir of her own, this one at Caroline’s expense.

Max, to Martin: “How much can I get for a tell-all book about Caroline? Chapter One: Sleep Farts.”

To make matters worse, Sandra was going on Piers Morgan to promote said book, which Caroline was none too happy about.

Caroline: “I can’t sit there while that woman waves my father’s penis in Piers Morgan’s face.”
Max: “You’re lucky it’s not Anderson Cooper, cause he’s be giggling up a storm.”

Alas, the damage was already done, as the news had already started to spread like wildfire.

Sophie: “The word on the street is that your dad’s got a weenus.”

Han did his best to soothe Caroline, even offering a massage to calm her nerves.

Max: “Get ready for a sad ending. And beginning and middle.”
Han: “There. How does that feel?”
Caroline: “Like baby spiders are dancing on my shoulders.”

To take the edge off for real, Sophie takes the girls to a spa, where they run afoul of none other than Sandra.

Max: “She’s getting a day of beauty, too? This is like the gayest day of training for a fight ever.”
Sophie: “Caroline, you still look a little tense, but I guess having to talk about your father’s junk on national television will do that to a girl.”

Fortunately, there was a light at the end of the tunnel, or, as it turned out, the end of Martin’s shorts, as a family photograph revealed that he might not have any shortcomings after all. Naturally, it was Max who noticed the picture faux pas, and provided us with the episode’s titular source. And you thought Caroline’s “selfie” was bad!

Max: “Whoa, whoa, whoa! What’s that coming out of the left leg of his gym shorts? I think your father’s junk is trying to tell me there’s going to be six more weeks of winter.”
Caroline: “What are you saying?”
Max: “I’m saying that someone had a tip slip and that is not a small tip. And as a waitress and a loose woman, I know a small tip when I see one.”

This led to a hilarious bit on the Piers Morgan show, where the man himself put in an appearance. Caroline tries to take the high road in the interview, attempting to trap Sandra in a math-related question, offering up a word problem. Sandra waves her off with a word problem of her own.

Sandra: “If a three-inch train is entering a tunnel, do I even know it’s there?”

It’s up to Max to save the day, so she slips under Morgan’s table and slides him Caroline’s phone, pointing to the relevant picture at hand. Morgan calls shenanigans on Sandra and Caroline, and by extension her dad, have their good name cleared- at least in regard to this very specific instance.

Earl has the last word, stating why he remains unimpressed.

Earl: “I’ve seen better.” He looks down. “Every day.”

So, pretty decent episode overall. I especially got a kick out of all the physical humor, like when Sophie reacted to a shushing spa member by lobbing a cucumber at the woman, much to her surprise- and ours. Also funny was Max’s under-the-table hand signal action at Morgan’s show, complete with a note requesting a discount at “Piers 1.” LOL.

I also liked the Hannibal Lecter joke, especially as I review that show as well, which you can check out here. I laughed when Caroline noted that Max had “already offered to skin a guard alive and walk you out of here wearing him,” to which she replied: “Well, we know it works.” Funny stuff.

What did you think of “2 Broke Girls” this week? Did you enjoy seeing Weber again? What did you make of Piers Morgan’s appearance? Have you ever had or seen a “tip slip”? Are you, too, “afraid of the boobs”? Let me know in the comments section!