‘Warehouse 13’ Invites Fans to Interact with Characters During Live Premiere Broadcasts

Warehouse 13 Season 4 Trailer (2012)

Have you ever wondered what Pete Lattimer, Myka Bering, Claudia Donovan, Artie Nielsen and Steve Jinks think during their weekly adventures to snag, bag and tag the world’s charmed artifacts on Warehouse 13? Well, if you answered yes to that question, you can now interact with characters from the show over at Twitter, as Syfy will be turning over their Twitter handle – @SYFY – each Monday night during premiere broadcasts of the series. In fact, Pete kicked off the fan interaction at Twitter last week when the show aired its mid-season return and he will be back online again tonight (May 6) for another go-round with the fans.

The Live Tweet and even more bonus content may also be accessed via Syfy’s free Syfy App for iPad and Android tablets. Viewers can access the complete Syfy Sync experience by downloading the app for iPad here and for Android here.

Series showrunner Jack Kenny had this to share, “We have the absolute BEST fans! They love the show as much as we do, so we wanted to give them something above and beyond the usual extras. Now they can have fun with Pete practically one-on-one, and go behind the scenes like never before. And hopefully have some laughs with us”!

Other characters will take part in the Twitter interactive experience in subsequent weeks and some episodes will provide fans the chance to vote for the character with whom they would most like to Tweet. Fans can check out the schedule as it is updated weekly on Syfy’s official Warehouse 13 Facebook fan page here and at Syfy here.

For those who need a refresher, ‘Warehouse 13’ follows a team of government agents who work at a massive, top-secret storage facility in windswept South Dakota, which houses every strange artifact, mysterious relic, fantastical object and preternatural souvenir ever collected by the U.S. government. The Warehouse’s caretaker Artie Nielsen (Saul Rubinek) charges Pete Lattimer (Eddie McClintock), Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly), Claudia Donovan (Allison Scagliotti) and Steve Jinks (Aaron Ashmore) with chasing down reports of supernatural and paranormal activity in search of new objects to cache at the Warehouse, as well as helping him control the Warehouse itself.

Again, the next new episode of ‘Warehouse 13’ will air tonight (May 6) on Syfy at 10/9c.