The Simpsons Season 24 Review “Whiskey Business”

Man, you guys, was “Whiskey Business” a real downer episode of The Simpsons, and not only because it was premised around trying to stop a man from committing suicide. It was also just plain unfunny. There were jokes that worked here and there, sure, but for the most part, it was already-dated and unfunny references and cheap attempts at smart dark humor.

Moe’s suicidal tendencies are long established in Springfield, but making them the center of an episode was probably not the best idea in the world. There were some fun bits in there, to be sure – I really liked Homer doing CPR to Bee Gees songs, especially his insistence that “Stayin’ Alive” would be “too on the nose.” But mostly, it’s an excuse for Marge to get in a suit again and drive to Capitol City, where Moe finds a nice suit that turns his life around. What follows, with the venture capitalists investing in Moe’s bourbon, should have been rife territory for funny jokes, about people trying to hock artisanal garbage, or skeezy investors, or something, but it all just kind of fell apart.

Elsewhere, Bart takes care of Grandpa Simpson, which was the plot that had the most potential, as far as I’m concerned. It’s the kind of family story The Simpsons, when it’s on top, does best, and it won me over. The “How Deep Is Your Love” CPR callback was great, as were the racing cups of pills, but beyond that I can’t necessarily name specific jokes – it was just the overall feel of the story that worked.

Oh, and also, Lisa saw a Bleeding Gums Murphy hologram, and then complained, and then there were some jokes about other dead people being tastelessly hologrammed back to life. It was so slight, it barely even existed, and certainly wasn’t particularly funny. It just kind of pointed at the idea of the Tupac hologram and said, “See? A reference. Laugh at it.” It’s an unfortunate bit of business that, combined with the rough A-plot, made “Whiskey Business” a less-than-great episode of The Simpsons.