The Amazing Race Season 22 Review “Beacon of Hope”

All I can say is that I’m incredibly relieved that I haven’t wasted many hours of my life. If Max and Katie had won The Amazing Race, I definitely would’ve wanted those hours back. Luckily, the world is sometimes just and the twenty-second The Amazing Race crown went to hockey guys Bates and Anthony. The brothers were consistently upbeat and good sportsmen throughout their trip around the globe, so it was nice to see them prevail.

The two-hour finale began with the final four teams, Max and Katie, the hockey guys, the roller derby moms, and the country singers in Belfast. Max and Katie took the lead early. That meant Max was his typical charming, gracious self. The first task was snorkeling in a bog, and it was here that the country girls’ fates were decided. The challenge appeared straightforward enough, so I’m not sure why roller derby mom Mona and country gal Jennifer had such a hard time with it. Mona had a mega meltdown and finished in hysterics. Jennifer quit midway after hyperventilating and had to be coaxed into finishing. Jennifer said she couldn’t breathe, which didn’t make a lot of sense since she had a snorkel. I can see that regular swimming would’ve been challenging, but a snorkel takes away the hardest part of swimming.

Before leaving Ireland, there was one challenge that tested teams’ attention to detail. Three of the four teams chose to deliver a 5-course meal to costumed Titanic passengers. They all failed to read the menu, however, and kept being told, “This is not what these people ordered.” Ultimately, it didn’t really matter because the country girls were so far behind that they had no chance of catching up. They got directions from a local who sent them out somewhere in the countryside. This cost them valuable time. They checked in last to the pit stop and were eliminated.

The teams were routed to Washington D.C. for the final leg. The tasks here were a little hokey. Teams were required to approach strangers with a briefcase and say a code phrase. Max struggled here, thankfully. He ran around the tidal basin like a chicken with its Republican head cut off. The next clue sent them to take their pictures with President Obama. The teams were very excited about meeting the President. Unfortunately, it was just a mean trick from The Amazing Race producers. They took a picture in front of a screen and President Obama was digitally added.

After that teams headed to the baseball stadium to try their hands at throwing a baseball while suspended from a zip line. When I saw the demonstration with the bird mascot flying through the air, I thought this was the best challenge in the show’s history. Alas, the person on the zip line did not have to don feathers, which made it less exciting.
Bates and Anthony easily dominated the final task. Contestants have gotten wise to the fact that the final challenge will reflect some aspect of the trip. This time, the teams had to put globes in order of the countries visited. Not a problem when you have a little notebook. The producers need to shake things up next time. It’s doubtful they will, though, given the success of the formula.

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